Forget dried flowers, it’s all about dried seaweed — and six more trends to know | Style

Framed foraged seaweed is the wholesome homeware trend you need to know now. Seaweed pressing exploded during Victorian Britain’s natural history boom — Queen Victoria and George Eliot were fans — and these days the interiors cognoscenti are adorning walls in seaweed art in chic palettes of plum, moss and rhubarb.

Molesworth & Bird’s seaweed-themed wares

The name to know is the Drum’s Flora Kinnaird with her hand-pressed fronds. Kinnaird collects each piece of seaweed from County Donegal’s coastline and sells her artworks (from £70; via drops announced on Instagram (@thedrum_). Set your alarms for the next one on November 6 — they will sell out in minutes. Meanwhile, down on the Jurassic Coast, Molesworth & Bird (run by two ex-Condé Nast stylists) offers seaweed-themed wares