Friend takes couple’s dog on 2 700 km trip over 4 days for special bouquet delivery for their wedding

The pup, named Oatmeal, proudly wore a tux complete with bow tie for the wedding of his owners his owners, Amber and John Elder. Photo courtesy @cupcake_teddybear_popcorn/ Caters News Agency/ Magazine Features

  • A friend of a couple who were due to be married and their intrepid pup proved anything is paw-sible after travelling over 2 700 km to deliver a bouquet of flowers to the dog’s owners on their wedding day. 
  • Adventurous canine, Oatmeal, spent four days travelling from his home in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to the Glacier National Park in Montana where his owners, Amber and John Elder, we’re getting hitched.
  • Both the bride and groom were ecstatic that their dog could attend and say they wouldn’t change a thing about their special day. 

Oatmeal, a 10-month-old mongrel, journeyed with friend and dog trainer Ally Fuhs (27), who organised the elaborate road trip and bouquet delivery as a special wedding present to the couple.

Ally, who has been friends with bride Amber Elder (27) since school, runs a dog training business called Captivated Canine. 

“At first, Amber and John had just asked me to stay with Oatmeal at their home in Michigan during their wedding, which I was more than happy to do,” says Ally.

“However, after thinking about it and knowing how much Oatmeal means to both Amber and John, I decided to offer to road trip him to the wedding as a wedding present.” 

Ally says the couple was excited by the idea, so she made it a reality. 

ally fuhs,amber elder,john elder,dogs,travel,traveThe pup, named Oatmeal, proudly wore a tux complete with bow tie for the wedding of his owners  his owners, Amber and John Elder. All photo courtesy @cupcake_teddybear_popcorn/ Caters News Agency/ Magazine Features

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Amber had the flowers picked out with her florist friend before the wedding. She was initially planning on flying them, but Ally offered to bring them on the road trip.

“It took us four days and three nights to get there. We stopped for food, gas, and to stretch every two to four hours. Oatmeal was incredibly well behaved in the car. He especially loved driving through the small towns so he could stick his head out the window and take in all the smells,” says Ally. 

ally fuhs,amber elder,john elder,dogs,travel,trave

Oatmeal proudly arrived, with the stunning orange, yellow and white bouquet, the day before the wedding.

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ally fuhs,amber elder,john elder,dogs,travel,trave

On the day of the wedding (17 September) wore a tux complete with bow tie.Amber was ecstatic when she saw Oatmeal. “I couldn’t believe it was actually happening. I remember walking down the aisle and seeing Oatmeal sitting on the groomsman’s side and thinking how lucky I was to have him there,” says the happy bride. 

“I know it’s cheesy to say, but it was literally a dream come true.” 

ally fuhs,amber elder,john elder,dogs,travel,traveally fuhs,amber elder,john elder,dogs,travel,trave

Groom John Elder (27) adds, “It’s hard to top marrying the love of your life on a scenic lake in the mountains, but I have to admit that having your dog there in a tuxedo does make it even better. If I had the opportunity to do it again, I wouldn’t change a moment.” CATERS NEWS (PICTURED L-

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On the following day, Oatmeal and Ally set off on the journey back home – travelling around 3,440 miles (5 500 km) in total to make the special delivery. 

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Credit: @cupcake_teddybear_popcorn/ Caters News Agency/ Magazine Features

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