Friends: The Main Characters’ First & Last Outfits

NBC’s Friends become an era-defining phenomenon due to a host of factors and the characters’ sense of style was one among them. The beloved six friends dressed in a way that embodied their personalities, and gave expression to who they were.

Each character’s sense of style was curated to suit their storylines. They had different approaches to fashion, and with the reappearance of the late ’90s and Y2K clothing aesthetic, some of these outfits are relevant now more than ever. Friends is a treasure trove of cultural reference points, and against this backdrop, it’s hard not to wonder about the first and the last outfits of the main cast in 1994’s pilot and 2004’s finale.


Rachel Green

First Outfit: Off-Shoulder Wedding Dress

Last Outfit: Printed Tank Top And Flared Jeans

Rachel Green with her friends in Central Perk and at Monica's apartment in Friends

Rachel made a conspicuous entry in “The One Where It All Began.” She was wearing an off-shoulder wedding gown with a tulle veil that gave her an angelic, fashion-forward, Long Island princess vibe. The dress is counted among Rachel’s 5 best outfits in Friends.

Rachel signed off in a printed brown and pink tank top which she paired with flared jeans and black boots. Her first and last outfits are proof that she reigned as the show’s fashionista. Rachel’s bridal look was perfect for its time and so was this casual outfit from 2004’s finale episode.

Monica Geller

First Outfit: White T-Shirt, Pale-Yellow Jacket, And Khaki Pants

Last Outfit: Denim Jacket Over A Flowy Black Dress

with her friends in Central Perk and at Monica's apartment in Friends

Monica has some of the best outfits in Friends and her first-ever is a tribute to the many fashion trends that have survived the test of time. She wore a white cotton t-shirt with the uber versatile khaki suspender pants. Her clothes gave off that quintessential ’90s less glamorous, more casual, working-class vibe. She donned a pale-yellow jacket over her t-shirt, wore a statement watch for an accessory, and finished the look off with white tennis shoes.

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In “The Last One,” Monica paired a denim jacket with a flowy black dress and chose black boots to complete her look. Matter factly, Courteney Cox, who played her, was pregnant during the last season of the show. Accordingly, Cox was seen in baggy clothes that strategically covered her belly. The show’s finale conveyed that Monica was having her new-mom-style moment. She looked effortless, thanks to those beachy waves on her short hair, and her minimal makeup.

Phoebe Buffay

First Outfit: Printed Dress, Over-Sized Distressed Denim Vest, And Black Tights

Last Outfit: Printed Dress, And Suede Blazer

Phoebe Buffay in Central Perk and at Monica's apartment in Friends

Phoebe’s sense of style is one of a kind and the adjectives – vibrant, chic, colorful, and experimental are associated with it. Her clothes symbolize her quirky spirit, energetic personality, and non-conformist attitude.

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She debuted on Friends in an oversized distressed denim vest, printed dress, and black tights. She styled her long hair in two ponytails and topped off the look with statement earrings, and multiple rings. Phoebe stayed true to her fashion choices until the very end. Her casual-chic aesthetic was noticeable in her last outfit, as well. She wore a brown suede blazer over a printed dress and effortlessly completed the look with tan boots and purple tights.

Chandler Bing

First Outfit: Colorblocked T-Shirt, And Blue Jeans

Last Outfit: Red Pullover, Blue T-Shirt, And Blue Jeans

Chandler Bing in Central Perk and at his apartment in Friends

Chandler’s clothes were a curated mix of formal pieces and comfortable wear. He worked a 9-5 job and was often seen in chic workwear. When he dressed down, such as in the pilot, he made sure his outfit was in harmony. His debut look must be counted among the fan-favorite outfits from Friends that are still fashionable today.

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Chandler wore a relaxed-fit t-shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers in the debut episode and he ended the series wearing a red zip-up pullover and blue jeans. His finale outfit accentuated his new-dad charm. Chandler knew how to mix different colors and proved himself to be the fashionable one on Friends.

Joey Tribbiani

First Outfit: Classic Leather Jacket, Black T-Shirt, And Blue Jeans

Last Outfit: Black Collared Shirt, And Jeans

in Central Perk and at Monica's apartment in Friends

Joey’s debut outfit on Friends will not go out of style anytime soon. He neatly paired a versatile black leather jacket with a black T-shirt, blue jeans, and cowboy boots. The overall look was character-accurate, to say the least. Joey dressed like the aspiring actor he was at the beginning of the show. He was always in casual chic ensembles, and his deep, side-part hairstyle is counted among the best hairstyles of the main Friends characters.

Joey ended the series wearing a dressed-down version of his debut outfit. He wore a black collared shirt, with jeans and sneakers. He kept the most striking impact on his physical appearance, i.e. his hairstyle short. Fans also observed that Joey liked to invest in timeless pieces such as turtlenecks, shirts, and jackets, and was well-dressed throughout.

Ross Geller

First Outfit: Oversized Navy Blue Jacket, Red Button-Down Shirt, And Khaki Pants

Last Outfit: Brown Zip-Up Pullover, And Tan Pants

Ross Geller at Central Perk and at Monica's apartment in Friends

Ross Geller was going through his first divorce in the pilot episode, and therefore, dressing well wasn’t his top priority at the time. He entered Central Perk wearing a rather shabby outfit which consisted of a blue t-shirt underneath a baggy button-down red shirt. He completed this layered outfit with an oversized navy blue jacket, wrinkly khaki pants, and black boots.

Ross’s last outfit on Friends was a modest brown zip-up pullover with tan pants and black shoes. He maintained the classic professor image after joining New York University. He consistently began to dress in understated, elegant, and decent outfits and left plenty of style lessons for fans.

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