From Moody To Airy: This Is Your Master List Of Every Type Of Wedding Photography Style

Finding the right fit is far more complicated than simply Googling “wedding photographers near me.” Before you can decide on a photographer, you need to determine what kind of photos feel like to you! 

We believe that for every great image, there were at least three major factors that went into its creation.

1. Their artistry, approach, and methodology.
2. The media/format of the camera used (film vs. digital vs. hybrid) to capture it.
3. The post-processing and editing techniques used to produce the final image. 

And of course, the talents, training, and expertise required to put it all together! 

As you pour through blogs, websites, and social media feeds looking for photographers, think about the considerations above! Really look at things like body language, composition, lighting challenges, and special effects (often applied after the fact), and think about trends versus tradition. All great photographers know how and when to manipulate a shot—no matter whether that manipulation occurs before or after the moment is captured—but they also know when to leave great moments alone. Sometimes, a little subtle tinkering with a setting or gentle guidance through a portrait session can transform a pretty picture into one of those immediate hang-on-the-wall shots. Other times, it’s the authenticity and inimitable emotions that flood from the frame that make the beauty. 

Approach + Aesthetic + Format + Post Production Process + Personality + Consistency = STYLE

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