Garden inspiration: The Royal Family’s favourite flowers revealed

Britain is slowly emerging from the bleak winter, and it won’t be long before our gardens are back to their usual summer glory. The Royal Family has many gardening enthusiasts among its ranks including, famously, Prince Charles. So if you want a regal garden suitable for a king or queen, here are some top additions to consider planting in your botanical haven.

Lily of the valley

Lily of the valley is a classically beautiful flower famed for its royal connotations, and it is thought to be the Queen’s favourite bloom.

The experts at Crown Pavilions said: “With its bell-shaped white flowers, lily of the valley is the perfect addition to any garden, providing a sweetly-scented fragrance in the summer months.

“Known to be the Queen’s favourite flower, lily of the valley has been seen throughout the Royal Family’s gardens and floral displays – featuring in the Queen’s coronation bouquet, and even as a bridal favourite in Queen Victoria and Kate Middleton’s wedding bouquets.

“The beautiful flower is also no stranger to the Royal Family’s Instagram account, repeatedly pictured in The Garden at Buckingham Palace. So, it’s safe to say this beautiful flower is a royal favourite.

“Top tip: Lily of the valley struggles to grow in the colder months, so it’s best to plant them during the spring, around March.

“These flowers also thrive in the shade but can do well in the sun, providing they have sufficient water, so make sure to position them well.”

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Prince Charles’ favourite flower is thought to be the mighty delphinium, known for its bright and vibrant colours.

The experts at Crown Pavillions said: “Renowned for its rich colours, this stunning flower has been grown in the UK for centuries, providing the perfect backdrop to your garden.

“Famous for its deep purple, this flower represents the colour seen throughout the reign of many queens and kings, representing wealth and power.

“Top tip: For the best results, plant your delphiniums in a spot with heavy sunlight, in well-drained soil. Delphiniums are tall plants, so it’s also important to make sure they are protected from the wind.

“Fortunately, these flowers can be planted at any time of year, but spring or autumn is best as the soil will be warm and moist.”