Gary & Jenny’s Galway Wedding

Gary and Jenny‘s Galway wedding at The Ardiluan Hotel can be defined by stylish simplicity, a dramatic dress change, personalised pieces, and Ronnie the Pug – their pooch of honour and an important puzzle piece in their engagement story. Delicately modern, their wedding day oozed a relaxed freshness with crisp white details, neutral bridesmaids gowns, and soft florals which allowed the couple’s love story flourish on the day. From self-composed readings to the personalised wedding favours and even the tear-jerking surprise morning gifts to one another, this wedding contained one thoughtful touch after the next. Our Irish bride gave her groom’s British family a “true Irish experience” at their Galway wedding, which was beautifully captured by Ivana & Sam Photography.

Bride wedding band/ring and white bridal shoes/heels

Wedding band/rings and flower detail diamond

Groom laughs as he looks at green and black shamrock boxers gifts

Shamrock boxers for groom and gifts/presents

Jenny & Gary wooden jewelry box

Bride opens photo frame gift, glasses on the table for drinks

Today is the day wedding band love heart ring detail

Galway-born Jenny was working as a receptionist when she met Gary from Kent who was working for a client at the time. While there was an initial spark, it took them a whole two years to finally kickstart their love story. Gary plucked up the courage to make the first move after the pair kept “coincidentally” meeting at a London nightclub, planning nights out with friends when they secretly knew that the other would be heading out there too.

Bride and bridesmaids in black pose on the bed holding champagne glasses prosecco

Bride opens gifts from guests/family with bridesmaids

Bridal gown/dress is held up on hanger bride looks at it

Bridesmaids gowns hanging above doorframe

Diamond detail accessory in brides hair updo

Much like the patience required at the start of their love story, patience was needed on the day of their proposal when Jenny wanted to go to Sainsbury’s rather than on the walk during which Gary had planned to propose. Before long, the pair were strolling around Penthurst in their wellies with their lovely pup Ronnie in tow chatting about Gary’s life growing up in the area and about how much meaning the walkway held for him. Jenny didn’t suspect anything, until Gary began visibly shaking before getting down on one knee – poor Ronnie’s walk was cut short that day since Jenny bounded home to share the news with her family and friends!

Groom puts on his shoes for wedding

Groom poses in the garden

Mother helps bride with dress

Bride putting on bridal heels/shoes

Back of long train dress bridal gown bride

A moment for this bridal cape, please. The perfect alternative to a veil to bring some drama to a look.

Bride smiling smiles while holding white roses/bouquet

Two women in pink react to seeing the bride

Bride grandpa and bridesmaid in room

The loveliest father-daughter first look!

Empty ceremonial room candles are lighting seats and gold carpet

Groom smiles with groomsmen

Bride and groom at the alter holding hands

Bride and groom drink a shot/champagne to celebrate

Bride and groom hold hands celebrate bouquet in the air

Gary and Jenny’s aesthetic inspiration for the day can be summarised in just a word: simplicity. By maintaining a neutral colour palette and keeping their personalised stationery very minimal, modern, and stylish, Gary and Jenny’s love story was the true focus of the day. With a personalised speech that the couple wrote themselves, unique table settings featuring mini records from their favourite musicians, postcards with a special message for each guest (reactions below!) as well as nods to their gorgeous Pug throughout the entire day from socks and bespoke napkins to their signature wedding cocktail ‘The Ronnie Rumble’.

Pug in frame sketch painting

Seating arrangements for guests

Little pug detail Now That I've Found You

The Coopers pug handkerchief tissue detail

Guests looks at card and laughs

Personalised postcards and emotional guests. Aw!

Cutlery on table

Guests looks at card and laughs

In loving memory of photo frames tributes dog

Their memory table for loved ones who have passed on was a lovely way to keep them close on the day.

Frames and candles on table in loving memory of pictures

When Gary and Jenny went to Jersey Boys the musical (the bride’s favourite!), they couldn’t deny that Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You by Frankie Valli was going to be the perfect song for their first dance on their wedding day. Their chosen music was just one aspect of the personalisation of their story, but their readings were also perfectly tailored to their romance, including a reading called How Falling in Love is like Owning a Dog – Ronnie’s choice!

bride and bridesmaids holding white roses/flowers/bouquet

Close up of bride and bridesmaids holding white roses/flowers/bouquet

Groom best man and groomsmen standing on grass laughing

Bride and groom in garden with pink flowers kissing kiss

Bride and groom dance in town street

Bride and groom look at each other in front of house drawing sketch

Bride and groom walk through town hand in hand down the road

The couple mixed up their wedding portraits by taking to the streets of Galway after taking some photos with the wedding party on the venue grounds. Their advice for couples on their wedding day? Delegate, delegate, delegate! If relaxation and enjoyment are priorities to you on your big day, Jenny believes in the importance of delegating tasks to other people, so that as bride and groom, you can focus on having a good time. Gary says, “the more you plan in advance, the easier it is to relax and enjoy the day when it arrives.”

wedding cake flower detail

Up close detail of creamy cupcakes with fruit on top

Empty dining room table room flowers chairs cutlery and lights

Flower detail on back of chairs

After a swift dress change post-ceremony and Quay Street photoshoot, the couple and their loved ones took to the dancefloor and danced the night away. Their next stop? Honeymooning in Barbados, of course.

Bride and groom cut the wedding cake

Bridesmaids react to bride

Bride on groom on the dancefloor dancing

The dress change in all its glory!

Bride on groom on the dancefloor dancing

We would like to thank our stunning real wedding couple Gary and Jenny as well as Ivana & Sam Photography for capturing the delicate magic of their wedding day in Galway so beautifully.

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