General Hospital: Kin Shriner’s Memories of Scotty/Dominique’s Wedding

We’re not crying, you’re crying. Unless… what? Are we all crying?

For some of us, February 12 was just pre-Valentine’s Day, a chance to pick up a box of chocolates or place an order for flowers before the shops were down to their last posies. But for General Hospital legend Kin Shriner… sigh. For him, it was much more: the 30th anniversary of Scotty and Dominique’s second wedding.

You’ll recall that it didn’t go off without a hitch. The bride, suffering from the effects of an inoperable brain tumor, fainted on the big day. She was still able to say, “I do,” but the writing was on the wall; it read, “Not much time left, my dear.”

Reminded of the episode on Twitter, Shriner responded, “Yeah, my biggest storyline to date

“A tragic end,” he added, “but did produce a daughter, Serena, for Lucy and I!”

Yeah my biggest storyline to date a tragic end but did produce a daughter Serena for Lucy and I !!!!!

— Kin Shriner (@kinshriner) February 12, 2023

That it did. Since Dominique was unable to give Scotty a child, his ex volunteered to be the gestation mother. Dominique even managed to live just long enough to hear her and Scotty’s baby’s heart beating inside of Lucy before she slipped away in the arms of her beloved husband.

So far as we know, Serena is now Scotty’s only living offspring (since Karen was fatally struck by a car, Logan was killed in self-defense by Lulu, and Franco was a victim of Peter’s reign of terror).

Relive more of Scotty’s wild history in the below photo gallery. It’s his whole life story… in pictures!