Georges And Jad Hobeika Unveil Their First Couture Collection Together From Paris, Themed Eternal Gifts

Georges And Jad Hobeika Unveil Their First Couture Collection Together From Paris, Themed Eternal … [+] Gifts.

Georges Hobeika

This is the first time that Georges Hobeika has done a physical runway since before the pandemic. Another first is that a few week ago, he named his son as Co-Creative Director of his house. Unveiling the autumn-winter 2022-23 collection today from the Musée d’Art, the father son duo unveiled “Eternal Gifts.”

“Just like any fashion week, we are fully dedicated to creating an experience, not just a runway show. Yet, a “comeback” is a comeback which makes it unbeatable,” says Georges Hobeika.

Inspired and focusing on the planet and humanity, the Hobeika’s wanted to pay tribute to the gifts that earth brings in the language of couture savior-faire. Capturing waterfalls, waves, and the blazing sun, what the pair have done is remind the world why taking care of the earth should be the main priority.

Feathers and sequins add shimmer and movement to the collection.

Shimmery skirts with midi tops elude the shininess of earth, like mirages in the desert to a body of water glistening. The first look is shimmery, setting the tone for a sparking collection throughout. Feathers are on gowns, reminiscent of the animal animal kingdom and movement. And yellow vintage style- hemmed dress with a 50’s inspired hem brings glamor. But you see hints of the 1920’s in fitted dresses with loose fringes, matched with quintessential Lebanese beadwork and sequins.

Volume is a trend not absent from AW22 Couture collections this season.

Patrick Sawaya for Georges Hobeika

“The Maison’s woman, in this season’s bold Couture silhouettes, embodies the power of life and creativity through beauty, colors and sparkles,” shares the maison in house notes. But the two aren’t afraid to play with volume, something that is trending in Lebanese couture shows so far this season. Bold flamboyant looks are hitting runways and the Hobeikas are setting the tone like the nude colored pleated-inspired dress, and another one in Mediterranean blue. But then there is loose kaftan inspired dress in light turquoise with crystal appliques.

The bridal gowns includes all the flamboyancy in a Georges Hobeika Couture wedding gown, but it’s … [+] less grand than past gowns.

We’re used to seeing Georges Hobeika creating his Couture wedding gown in a mouthwatering grand way. But not this season. The gown is more conservative in style, saying less is more and beautiful too. With a flowy skirting and an embroidered bodice with lots of shimmer, to the silk sleeves, all is captivating.

One thing, we haven’t seen in Georges Hobeika collections, or much of is sculpting with shapes on a dress, leaving one to wonder if this is a taste from Jad. But another thought hits, is Jad also behind the masculine cut blazers and coats for men?

Men’s looks are included in the collection with masterfully tailored pants suits and long coats.


Men’s looks are included in the collection with masterfully tailored pants suits in light brown and off white. Pierpaolo brought men’s looks into his Haute Couture 2022 collection, a first for major labels, but not a first for Lebanese couture designers. Georges Hobeika has been including tailored men’s blazers, adding strong touches of sparkle for a while now to his couture collection.

But the long black coat for men with silver patterned designs is a look for a certain man who’s not ashamed to don such a look.

“Jad was born in this universe and over the years I game him more and more space to create because I trust his ideas and hard work. He brings something very youthful and modern to the brand,” says father of son. And Jad sees it as an honor to be a part what his father is doing. “My vision for Georges Hobeika isn’t only about creating beautiful, modern fashion but to also be inspiring to many young artists and designers, who want to succeed in this industry, where ever they might be in the world,” he shares in notes.

Georges Hobeika does not disappoint. He’s creates those sit on the edge of your seat during a show kind of vibe, leaving many looking forward to next season. Now with Jad taking half of the creative control we’re seeing futuristic vibes, paired with ultra-masculine tailoring for the men. And this leaves those in fashion wondering what they will do next season.