Goldust’s NXT Wedding Is The Weirdest WWE Segment You’ve Never Seen

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Season 3 of the game show era of NXT was a wacky time. It was a Divas season nobody had asked for, Michael Cole was in the throes of a heel turn, CM Punk was openly mocking the competitors on commentary, and it was perhaps one of WWE’s most bizarre TV shows in their entire history.

NXT Season 3 Women

Goldust had joined Season 3 of the game show as a Pro to his rookie, Aksana. Aksana, a Lithuanian bodybuilder, was very much a rookie and while she had been in WWE developmental for 2 years at that point, she was still very green in the ring.


But that was neither here nor there, game show NXT was far from an in-ring-focused show, Aksana could ply her talents elsewhere, which she did, by winning a mechanical bull riding contest in her only victory of the season…

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Aksana’s Dark Secret

Aksana in NXT

Aksana was harboring a dark secret, however, as on the September 21, 2010 episode of NXT, Aksana revealed she was having Visa issues and was facing deportation from the United States. As Aksana broke down in tears in the ring, she said if she was sent back to Lithuania, she would be beaten with shovels and all her dreams would be over (Poor girl!). Goldust consoled his rookie and stepped up to the plate. All was not lost he said, there are ways she could stay in the country…

Goldust proposed to Aksana then and there, all the while Michael Cole was mocking the whole thing, “This is riveting! Finally a reason to watch this show!” Aksana tearfully said yes and the happy couple celebrated. Goldust was the upmost babyface and was proposing just to help Aksana out, the fact she was a gorgeous, blond bodybuilder was just a coincidence. The age difference and power dynamics should probably be ignored here as well…

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Aksana & Goldust’s Magical Day

And so the wedding was set, Goldust, who was the Million Dollar Champion at the time, had invited his family to the occasion and his father Dusty Rhodes and brother “Dashing” Cody Rhodes were his best men for the big day. And Hornswoggle was the ring bearer for some reason…

Aksana in her wedding dress Cropped

Aksana, as beautiful as ever, walked down the aisle in a gold dress Goldust himself would be proud of, beaming with pride. Goldust was taken aback by her beauty and Josh Mathews on commentary asked, “Have you ever seen a more beautiful bride?” To which Michael Cole responded, “Yep! My wife on her wedding day!”

As the reverend went through the wedding spiel, Cole under his breath said, “This is pathetic.” In his vows, Goldust said he knows this is bizarre and untraditional (he got that right) but she will never forget the name Goldust.

When the reverend asked if anybody here objects to this matrimony, the reverend himself objected, as “everybody has a price,” bringing out Ted Dibiase Jr. and Maryse. Dibiase stopped the wedding and brought out an immigration officer, Agent Dickapopolis. The wedding was off and Aksana was getting deported right now! Dibiase however said this could all go away, Goldust just needed to give the Million Dollar Championship back to him.

That was when Dusty Rhodes stepped up and brought out his own revered, Ted Dibiase Sr! When Dibiase Jr. asked why his father was doing this, his father responded because the look on his son’s face was priceless. Dibiase Sr. then took up the ministerial reigns and officially married Goldust and Aksana! Goldust having waited weeks to finally marry his beloved got beaten to the punch as father Dusty kissed the bride before him.

As Goldust tried to kiss his new wife, he was instead met with a slap to the face. Aksana walked out of her own wedding having got what she wanted(the green card), leaving Goldust heartbroken and alone. She didn’t want a husband, she just wanted to stay in America.

The next week, Aksana said all her immigration issues were sorted, she had her green card and could stay in the country. Goldust, betrayed and dejected, called his wife a conniving, little, Lithuanian witch. Goldust then booked Aksana in a match with Naomi as revenge.

Naomi won that match, Goldust got his revenge, and weeks later, Aksana was eliminated from NXT and all was right with the world.

The funny thing is, this kind of craziness was happening every week on Season 3 of NXT. This was just a drop in the ocean, though it will go down as one of WWE’s weirdest wedding angles they have ever done.