Good News Stories That Warmed Our Hearts This Year

A woman’s doctor wrote her a prescription to hug her granddaughter after she received the COVID-19 vaccine.

After getting vaccinated, Evelyn Shaw’s doctor wrote her a prescription for a hug from her granddaughter.

Jessica Shaw and Laura Shaw Frank

Evelyn Shaw hadn’t hugged her grandchildren in a year due to the pandemic.

Even two weeks after Shaw received the second vaccine, she was still too nervous to stop social distancing with family members. So their family doctor in New York came up with a way to help her feel more comfortable: a prescription for the best medicine there is.

On an official prescription note, the doctor wrote “You are allowed to hug your granddaughter.”

Shaw’s daughter Laura Shaw Frank and her daughter Ateret delivered the note in an emotional reunion.

“We stood 6 feet away and we handed her the note, and she opened it up and she took out the prescription and read the note — and she burst out crying,” Shaw Frank told Insider. “And then they hugged, and it was amazing, and that’s the video I took. We all cried. It was a really beautiful moment.”

Evelyn’s daughter Jessica Shaw shared the video of that long-awaited embrace on Twitter, where it went viral.