Grandma punishes ‘entitled’ bride with brutal act: ‘Rude’

An “entitled” bride has missed out on a secret wedding gift from her grandparents after she had an ungrateful response to a smaller gift they gave her before the big surprise.

Sharing the story on Reddit, the grandmother revealed she had five grandchildren, with the last getting married in October.

“My husband and I usually get them a small gift (usually the cheapest thing on the registry), then the day before the wedding, we privately gift them a cheque of $40,000,” she said.

“We prefer that they use it for a house, but we don’t force them to do so. We also ask them to keep it private (we have a big extended family and we don’t want them to expect it from us). They all honoured this request.”

The bride furiously called her grandparents after receiving the inexpensive wedding gift. Source: Getty

She added when her youngest granddaughter was getting married, they bought her an air fryer which was the cheapest thing on the registry before they planned to surprise her with the whopping cheque.

“[We] sent it in advance then she called us furious, she went off on us for being cheap and how she knew we had money, but that we did not love her enough to show it by getting her something more expensive,” the grandmother added.

“We were horrified by her behaviour, then she went ahead and threatened to disinvite us if we didn’t get her a better gift. We discussed it, bought her a China set, but we did not give her the money that was set aside for her. We decided that she did not deserve it.”


The grandmother said the bride met up with her brother last week and discovered he was given a cheque, so asked her cousins if they had received the same gift.

“She called us furious for discriminating against her. We told her that it was our money, and after how she behaved, we did not want to give it to her,” the grandma said.

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“She started crying, said that she was just extremely stressed, and that we shouldn’t have taken it to heart. We told her that we stand by our decision. Now she is refusing to attend Christmas.”

People on Reddit were equally shocked by the bride’s behaviour and stood by the grandparents’ decision to not gift her the money as they did their other grandchildren.

“She cared more about the cost of a gift than your presence at her wedding. That’s not stress, that’s spoiled,” one furious Redditor wrote.

“If she’d apologised BEFORE finding out about the money, then you might’ve believed that her remorse was real…. But she didn’t.

“She called you ‘furious’ once she found out – trying to force you to give her more AGAIN. Then tried tears to manipulate you. Now, with no wedding to blame her behaviour on, she’s refusing to come to events until you cough up the cash.

“Guess you know what value she puts on her grandparents. She’s entitled, spoiled and rude.”

Many said they would have been happy to receive an air fryer as a wedding gift. Source: Getty

Many said they would have been happy to receive an air fryer as a wedding gift. Source: Getty

Another said it was “karma” and the bride got what she deserved.

“Your granddaughter would do well to heed this lesson. Perhaps a collection of Grimm’s Fairy Tales would make a nice Christmas gift,” one suggested.

“Given that the money has been a secret, as far as the granddaughter knew, all of the grandchildren got small gifts, usually the cheapest thing on the registry, for their weddings. She was expecting preferential treatment, and threw a tantrum over not getting it,” another said.


“If you have a bit of class (and even self-respect), you don’t call anyone to complain about the price of a gift they gave you. It’s rude and entitled,” a third said.

Others supported the grandmother and agreed they would have been happy with the air fryer as the main gift.

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