Groom can thank Walton Co deputy for on-time wedding arrival – WGAU

The Walton County Sheriff’s Office came to the rescue of a groom in danger of missing his own wedding after he crashed his car.

The crash reportedly happened last Friday in Walton County.

A photo posted by the department on Facebook shows the groom getting out of the deputy’s car.

That deputy gave the groom a ride and helped save the day. “When a groom is on his way to his wedding and is involved in a traffic accident, who gets him to the wedding on time. We do,” the sheriff’s office captioned the Facebook post. “REMEMBER to teach your loved ones to care about others not just themselves.”

The mother of the groom, Amylee Hammond, also posted on Facebook: “From the mama of the groom, I am so thankful to WCSO!! WCSO cares about the people of this county. I personally am forever grateful to each of you.”

The department reminded everyone to teach their loved ones to care about others, not just themselves.