Groom criticised for wearing jeans and T-shirt to his own wedding

A groom is facing some criticism after a video showed him wearing jeans and a T-shirt to his wedding, while his bride wore an extravagant white wedding gown.

In a video posted to TikTok on 5 February by a woman named Violet, who goes by @violetprice16x, she recalled how her friend Catherine, @catherinenicholson2, who she tagged in the caption, had told her “a couple of months ago” that she wasn’t going to fall in love.

However, the video then transitions to a photo of Catherine at her wedding, with the caption reading: “Well she’s definitely fell in love this summer.”

In the picture, Catherine is wearing a long wedding dress with her hair pinned up, while her groom, who is beside her, is wearing a pair of faded jeans and a black T-shirt. The clip then shows additional photos from the nuptials, in which the groom can also be seen dressed in the casual outfit.

This video has more than 1.7m views so far, with viewers in the comments criticising the groom for the casual clothes he wore on his big day.

“You’re telling me he turned up to his wedding in a Palm Angels [clothing brand] shirt?” one TikTok user asked, while another said: “That is sad, look how beautiful she looks, he couldn’t even be bothered changing from the night before.”

The video also prompted some viewers to joke about the groom’s attire, with some claiming that he dressed so casually because he had other plans after the wedding.

“When you’re getting married at 4 but lad’s night down the pub is at 6,” one viewer joked, while another said: “When you come to your wedding straight from a heavy night out with the lads.”

Other viewers expressed their shock over the man’s outfit, with many noting that they found it hard to believe that the groom would purposely show up to his wedding wearing jeans and a T-shirt.

“Man forgot he was getting married and was just like they’ll do LMAO,” one person said.

Another viewer asked: “Did he not know he was getting married?”

In response to all the criticism, Violet defended the bride in the comments and said: “For god sake stop, she’s married & very happy. She’s not bothered [with the way] he dressed, she’s married & that’s all that matters.”

The Independent has contacted Violet for a comment