Groom dies before wedding; venue refuses to refund bride, family says

SALT LAKE CITY (KUTV) – A family in Utah says they are dealing with losing a loved one before a wedding, and the venue isn’t refunding them their money.

Virginia Cervantes said her daughter got engaged in March 2021 to a man named Kevin, and they had their wedding date planned for this month.

However, he died by suicide about two weeks before the wedding.

“I saw her try on her wedding dress. I pictured her walking down the aisle. But everything just crumbled and fell apart,” Cervantes said.

On top of the family’s grief, Cervantes and her daughter said they had to undo wedding plans.

“Everyone reimbursed us except for the venue. They have a policy in the contract about no refunds unless it’s in 90 days,” Cervantes said.

According to the family, Woodhaven Pointe, the venue, is not offering a cash refund.

“I just don’t understand people not willing to have a little bit of compassion in times like this because these weren’t foreseen circumstances,” said Cervantes’ daughter Aileen Ramirez.

The family members said they spread the word about what was happening, and people have criticized the venue on social media.

An attorney for Woodhaven Pointe released a statement saying the venue was willing to explore other ways to resolve the signed contract. No final decisions have been made.