Groom is slammed for wearing cargo shorts to his wedding – but that’s far from the worst part

A GROOM showed up to his wedding in what seems to be a less than socially acceptable outfit for the festivities.

Social media users have called him out, and while his apparent preference for cargo shorts was off-putting, his other attire choices are somehow worse.


A groom has shown up to his wedding in cargo shorts and social media users are not impressedCredit: Getty

A Reddit user shared a Tweet they came across on Twitter that featured an image of the casual groom and his bride on their wedding day.

The owner of the tweet wrote: “These two people I went to [high school] with got married today and this was [really] the groom’s fit, I’m crying.”

The bride looked stunning in her traditional wedding attire – a typical long white gown with lace.

The groom, on the other hand, looked rather casual, sporting a black graphic T-shirt, black cargo shorts, and Crocs.

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To tie it all together, he donned what appears to be a pair of socks with a man’s face on them, faux hair attached and all.

Many people in the comments section of the Reddit post tore the groom apart for his choice of outfit – lots feeling like it showed a lack of respect for the bride.

One person said: “The Crocs with socks really tie it all together.

“The bride looks so beautiful and he gave the minimal amount of effort possible it seems. Maybe they discussed and agreed on this beforehand, [I don’t know].

“But the stark difference between how they’re dressed is wild.”

Another person expressed that they didn’t mind being casual – but felt a line should be drawn.

“Yeah, I have no issue if your wedding is informal. Do you,” they wrote.

“It really chaps my ass, though, when you see these disparities – because it’s always the bride in a lovely dress and her unshowered looking ass groom in cutoff jorts and a f**king Duck Dynasty T-shirt with the sleeves cut off.”

“So disrespectful to the bride,” said a third person with a similar sentiment.

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“Sad, this bride probably spent a lot of money to look her absolute best. Her husband is being so disrespectful by rolling out of bed wearing Crocs,” a fourth person chimed in.

A final person added: “This is not a laid-back outfit. I could respect that, weddings are too formal sometimes. This is an active effort to look like sh*t on a unique day for the couple.”

The groom looked rather casual, sporting a black graphic T-shirt, black cargo shorts, and Crocs


The groom looked rather casual, sporting a black graphic T-shirt, black cargo shorts, and CrocsCredit: Reddit