Groom kisses bride, she refuses to marry him

This kiss ended the relationship rather than securing it. After the groom kissed the young bride on stage in front of close to 300 guests, the bride was furious and called off the wedding. The moment the bride and groom finished exchanging garlands on tuesday night, the groom kissed her. The bride walked away from the dais right away, and she subsequently phoned the police. Graduate bride, 23, claimed the groom kissed her in order to win a bet with his pals, and as a result, she is now “doubtful of his character.”

The bride claimed that the groom had touched her in an inappropriate way but that she had originally ignored it when both parties were escorted to the police station. “I was hurt when he kissed me. He misbehaved in front of several visitors and showed no regard for my dignity “She asserted. The bride wouldn’t budge despite police attempts to mediate, so the wedding was called off and the guests went home.

Her mother remarked: “The groom’s pals provoked him. My daughter resisted his proposal, despite our best efforts to persuade her. We have chosen to wait a few days and give her some time to think things over.” police reported that, “Since the rites had already been completed when the incident occurred, the pair is technically married. After a couple of days of waiting for everything to calm down, we will decide what to do.” It’s interesting to note that the grooms’ ‘nagin’ dance caused brides to postpone their nuptials in shahjahanpur and Lakhimpur Kheri.