Groom Walks Down the Aisle with Bride’s Twin Sister in His Arms–Video Is Viewed 40 Million Times

The video of a handsome groom walking down the aisle carrying his bride’s twin sister has gone viral, with millions commending the newlyweds’ compassionate gesture.

Morgan and Macey are twin sisters bearing noticeable differences. While Morgan looks to be in her twenties, with a model-like poise, Macey is smaller, has special needs, and can easily pass for a preteen.

Their differences doesn’t stop the twins from bonding on a deep level and growing up as best friends. For 25 years, the two have remained inseparable until the time came for Morgan to get married.

Determined for her sister to share her bridal experience, like they did everything else, Morgan had her fiance walk down the aisle with Macey on their wedding day.

The breathtaking moment left wedding guests emotional as they watched the groom, Brian Altier, carry his sister-in-law all the way to the altar.

Morgan shared the heartwarming video on TikTok, which has since garnered over 45 million views. The clip showed Brian, clad in his suit as he strolled down a flight of stairs leading to the altar, with Macey in his arms.

The 25-year-old woman, who was dressed in a wedding dress, looked excited to share the spotlight on her sister’s big day. The bride captioned:

“My twin sister who has special needs came down at my wedding with my fiance, now who I call my husband. I wanted her to have her special moment as a bride like her twin sister.”

Over 27,000 people have reacted to the beautiful clip, all singing odes to Morgan and her new groom. One comment read, “Ladies and gentlemen, this is what a REAL gentleman looks like.”

Others reflected on the significance of the wonderful moment, which held many unspoken promises of love, affection, and dedication. A TikToker commented:

“This is amazing because you will most likely take care of her during her old age and he’s making a promise to you and her here.”

Responding to one of the comments, Morgan explained that part of her reason for pulling off the selfless act was because she knew her sister would never get married.

Knowing her sister had no interest in dating, she felt the need to help her experience that special moment. Brian came into the twins’ lives over six years ago, and the first thing Morgan did was let him know she came as a pair. She recalled:

“It was just important for him to know that this, she will forever be in our lives.”

He accepted that reality wholeheartedly, with a heart full of love, and has since remained a constant presence in both their lives.