Guest shamed for wearing white sparkly gown to her BROTHER’S wedding

THE relationship with in-laws is often a challenging one – but even the most nightmarish of families have their limits.

Now one groom’s sister has baffled the internet, by turning up to her brother’s wedding in a white sparkly gown which looks fit for a bride.


The groom’s sister, pictured centre, with her brother on the right, has baffled the internet by wearing THIS dress to his weddingCredit: Reddit

Shaming her on Reddit, one friend of the bride explained: “Groom’s sister is told prior to wedding that her dress choice is inappropriate.

“Sister replies she will never speak to her brother again if he goes through with the wedding. She is uninvited from wedding, then shows up to wedding in this off-white cocktail dress”.

The sister is pictured in the centre of the picture above, with her brother, the groom, to her right.

The poster added: “I wasn’t part of this wedding but have seen so much drama about it unfold on Facebook.

“The bride is understandably very upset about what happened and posted something a few days ago about how she was disappointed that someone would act this way, but didn’t add any identifying info or name drop.

“Plot twist, the sister had separately posted a TikTok where she was claiming the bride was toxic and jealous, admitted to wedding crashing, mentioned how she had the last dance with the groom, and said she gives the marriage five years tops.

“The bride of course found out about this and there is endless Facebook drama about the TikTok, whether the dress was in fact ‘white’ (the sister claims it’s champagne…), etc. It’s been an absolute whirlwind.”

People were gobsmacked by the picture, commenting: “I thought the bride was the one in the middle… Then I finished reading”.

One reader said: “Why argue over the color of the dress? She clearly intended to disrespect the couple. Mission accomplished.”

Others asked: “why was she even allowed to wedding crash after all that drama ? Kick her ass out”.

And one said: “Honestly shame on the groom and his side of the family for letting her stay. I feel for the bride.”

Some felt the whole thing was slightly incestuous.

So she wanted to look like she married her brother? Well, that isn’t creepy…at all

Confused Redditor

One wrote: “i’m so confused by moms/sisters/etc that do stuff like this, it just comes across like they want to f** their son/brother/whatever relation the groom is lol weird sh*t, man.”

Others said: “Why this woman trying to marry her brother?” and “So she wanted to look like she married her brother? Well, that isn’t creepy…at all…”

And another Redditor slated: “So the sister wanted to marry her brother. There is no other explanation for the obsessively jealous behavior. She seems like a jilted ex.”

Some shamed the brother, writing: “the fact that the groom danced with her is so gross.”

One commenter said: “The bride should have immediately had the marriage annulled after that.

“He already broke his vows by allowing his sister to take precedence over his friggin wife.”

Slating the sister, some said: “That isn’t a cocktail dress, it’s a full on gown which makes it much worse” and “The dress is also very sparkly, so all eyes are drawn to her.”

Others wrote: “I really do want to know all the details of why the grooms sister hates the bride that much” and “I’ll never understand this.

“Give the bride and groom their one f***ing day to make it all about them. It’s that simple.”

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