Hannah Godwin Reveals Wedding Dresses She Tried On but Didn’t Pick in New Viral Video

The journey to “yes” to the dress!

Bachelor Nation fan-favorite couple Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour famously found love and got engaged on Season 6 of “Bachelor in Paradise.”

Since then, the two have purchased homes together, traveled the world, and spent a ton of time with each other’s family and friends.

Last month, the two revealed that they are getting married in August of this year and now Hannah is trying on gowns for their big day!

Hannah took to her TikTok page to show off some of her favorite gowns that she didn’t pick and discussed why.

She said, “The point of me trying on was to just try on every silhouette to see what I liked.”

The bride-to-be kicked off the video discussing the dress she posted on Instagram last week and said, “This one is actually an off-white in sheen and I really liked it. I didn’t like the little pleat in the front. I kind of wish I didn’t post it on my Instagram because I do kind of like it, but she’s not the one.”

Hannah went on and discussed a beaded, lace gown that she didn’t end up picking.

“This next one I tried because I wanted to try one with a bunch of lace. I don’t know if the bubble sleeve was for me, though,” she explained.

The next dress was a fan favorite in the comments, but Hannah said it wasn’t for her.

She shared, “This one was really pretty, it kind of reminds me of a cake topper. It’s a little too simple for me, but very pretty.”

And lastly, Hannah shared a dress that she didn’t like at first, but she ended up liking the silhouette more once trying it on.

She said, “At first I was like, ‘I don’t know,’ but then it was so flattering and made me look tall. I like the plunge. It was nice.”

Hannah said she’s thinking about doing a part two and asked fans which of these dresses is their favorite.

Drop your favorite in the comments below and let us know which silhouette you hope Hannah chooses!