Hansika Motwani had one condition for Sohael Kathuria before agreeing to the wedding vows, and she brought it up at the mandap

Hansika Motwani and Sohael Kathuria tied the knot in December 2022. The couple had a royal wedding in Rajasthan.

hansika motwaniHansika Motwani and Sohael Kathuria got married in December. (Photo: Hansika/Instagram)Listen to this article
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Actor Hansika Motwani recently tied the knot with businessman Sohael Kathuria in Rajasthan. A slew of unique pre-wedding events were hosted by the couple, who had a royal wedding in December 2022. On the latest episode of Hansika’s Love Shaadi Drama, Hansika and Sohael engaged in some fun banter as the priest spoke to them about their wedding vows.

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The priest told Hansika, “You must observe the fast which goddess Gowdri did. For instance, Karwa Chauth is a popular festival of Punjabis…” Hansika interrupted and said, “I have one condition. He should also observe the fast along with me.” The crowd cheered for Hansika and Sohael said, “I accept it.”

The priest then proceeded to the next promise and told Sohael that if he decides to go abroad, for any reasons, he has to take Hansika’s permission. Listening to this, Hansika laughed and said, “Mujhe leke bhi jana hai. (He has to take me also).” He then said that Sohael has to only dine at home and asked Sohael if he agrees to the conditions and the businessman replied, “Of course.”

Explaining about the moment they got married, Hansika said, “We both have gone through so much personally, as a couple and we have dreamt of this. I broke down so much. He literally held me there because I was collapsing because I was so overwhelmed with the entire situation there.”

In November 2022, Hansika announced her engagement to Sohael and the couple tied the knot in December. The wedding series Hansika’s Love Shaadi Drama is currently streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar.