Happy Face Killer Wrote Daughter To Say She Looked Fat In Wedding Pics

While serial killers might not make the best parents that doesn’t mean their children can’t grow up to be productive members of society. Melissa Moore is one such example.

She’s the daughter of the Happy Face killer, Keith Hunter Jesperson. He murdered at least eight women during the early 1990s. He earned his nickname by drawing smiley faces on the letters he sent to the media and authorities.

As for Melissa, she is one of the hosts of the Happy Face podcast, and she’s an author, a true crime correspondent and a filmmaker who focuses on crime survivors. She’s also the woman behind the TikTok account lifeafterhappyface.

Melissa Moore/TikTok

These Letters To Melissa Moore Need A Netflix Special

In one of her recent videos, Moore shared some letters she received from her serial killer dad. The video has over 8.3 million views and it’s not hard to see why.

The letter from the Happy Face killer to his daughter included a picture from her wedding over the summer and insults about the two of them being fat.

“In the letter, he says I’m fat and my husband is fat and we don’t run,” Moore said. “He then tells me maybe this marriage will work and ends with ‘why wasn’t I invited?’”

There you have it. If you weren’t already convinced that serial killers were actually bad people that should do it. Although he did tell his daughter he never stopped loving her and sent her a Christmas gift.

It just goes to show that people are complicated. I’m just glad he has access to Instagram in prison and his daughter is on TikTok sharing his prison insults with the world.

Melissa followed up her “letters from a serial killer” video with a part two. For this video she let the child of another convicted killer share a letter and a gift that he received from his dad.

Collier Landry’s dad is in prison for killing Collier’s mother. And as you can see in the video, it turns out that people who kill just one person for no reason aren’t great either.