Haunted Wedding Dress & Mansions of Murder

A new episode of our Paranormal Network video series Haunted Objects has just been released, and you can check it out in the embed above. For this one, we’re looking into the stories behind a trio of objects: an antique mirror located in a New Orleans plantation, a wedding dress on display in a Pennsylvania mansion, and the skull that’s said to be hidden away in Burton Agnes Hall in East Yorkshire, England.

Here’s the synopsis for the Haunted Objects series:

What if you found out something you cherished, an heirloom perhaps, was possessed? Would you try to throw it away? Destroy it? Maybe sell it to an unsuspecting buyer? And how did it become “haunted” to begin with? Those are the questions we are going to ask as we explore those very objects. Some, you might be familiar with, and others might be so obscure that they’ve been lost to the sands of time, until now. Join host Evan O’Hare on Haunted Objects!

The series is created and directed by Jason D. Morris, written by Carly Street, Mark Francisco and Jason D. Morris, produced by Shoni Alysse Cook, co-produced by Jason Hewlett, and executive produced by Berge Garabedian. Hosted by Evan O’Hare, the series is shot on location at Antique Legacy in San Anselmo, California.

This is the fifth episode of Haunted Objects, and three of the previous episodes can be seen below. To see the other episode and more of this type of content, head over to the Paranormal Network YouTube channel, which is dedicated to things like UFOs, hauntings, cryptids, ancient myths and mysteries, and more! While you’re checking out the channel, subscribe so you can keep up to date on our weekly releases. More information on the Paranormal Network channel and its shows can be found HERE.

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