Have Aloha Will Travel EP:87: How to Get Hitched in Hawaiʻi

Planning a wedding in Hawaiʻi? You’ll want to listen to this.

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On this episode of the “Have Aloha Will Travel” podcast, co-hosts Catherine Toth Fox and Grace Maeda sit down with expert wedding planner Tessa Gomes and professional wedding photographer Joseph Esser. From gathering inspiration and creating mood boards, to keeping guests under control, Tessa and Joseph provide valuable insight and tips on how to get hitched—without a hitch. 


Experienced wedding planner Tessa Gomes has seen it all when it comes to weddings in Hawaiʻi.
Photo: Courtesy of Tessa Gomes

The experienced duo also divulges about the glamorous venues and the not so alluring price tag of planning a wedding in paradise. As for guests, Tessa and Jospeh also give pointers on wedding etiquette and how much you should spend on a gift—warning, it’s probably more than you expect. They’re honest and upfront, and if you love listening to Tessa and Joseph, they’re launching their own podcast in July, “Unveiling Paradise.” 

Find Tessa’s website at fredandkate.com and Joseph’s at esserphotography.com 

Joseph Esser

Joseph Esser is a professional wedding photographer based on Oʻahu.
Photo: Courtesy of Joseph Esser


Unveiling Paradise Podcast

Tessa and Joseph are launching their own podcast, “Unveiling Paradise” this July
Photo: Courtesy of Tessa Gomes

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