Have you seen this man’s wedding ring? He says it fell off at the Great Texas Airshow.

A man attending the Great Texas Airshow at JBSA-Randolph this weekend received a free box of cookies, but lost something meaningful in return.

Pablo Gallaga posted on Twitter Saturday that as he was hauling around a free box of Famous Amos cookies at the airshow grounds when his wedding ring fell off.

“I lost my wedding ring the way only I can. They were giving away free boxes of Famous Amos cookies at the airshow, and my ring must’ve slipped off while I was lugging that box around for three hours,” he said in the post.

Now, he’s asking other people who attended the airshow for help in locating it.

The ring is branded Vera Wang and is white gold with “four diamonds on the outside and one blue sapphire on the inside,” Gallaga said.

Anyone who comes across the ring is asked to message Gallaga on Twitter or Instagram, @Pabably, or by email at pgallaga@gmail.com.

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