Help The Bride Write Her Vows

Searching for a easy and fun game to get get the ball rolling at your hen party? Look no further than this crowd pleaser – Help The Bride Write Her Vows. Naturally these aren’t her actual vows but rather a tongue-in-cheek (and rather naughty) interpretation of what she could say. It’s an extremely simple Mad Lib-style game that’ll get all of your guests laughing and their creative juices flowing. For anyone who isn’t familiar with Mad Libs, this is a game where you fill in the blanks in a story before reading it aloud. In this case, there’s a prompt as to what kid of word will fit best (a noun, a verb, etc), so just fill in the blanks of the bride’s hypothetical vows, making them as sentimental or as hilarious as you fancy. We explain exactly how to play classic hen party game below and we also created a fabulous free One Fab Day printable which you can download to use to make things even easier. Make sure to check out our Ultimate List of Hen Party Games too!

Photo by AllTiedUpUK Via Etsy

How To Play: Help The Bride Write Her Vows

This entertaining game is sure to spice up your hen party antics, so here are handy tips for playing.

  • You can DIY your own version of this game by writing out normal, straight-forward vows and then getting rid of a word or two from each sentence. Don’t forget to add in little pointers as to what type of word (verb, noun, adjective, name, etc) belongs in each blank space in brackets below the word.
  • Alternatively there are plenty of great, ready-made options you can buy on Etsy.
  • Better yet, we have a totally free printable which you can download below.
  • Make sure to have enough print outs and pens for each guest, and a small prize for the winner such as a snipe of bubbly, chocolates or a small trophy (optional).
  • Explain that they have to fill in each blank with a word of their choosing – the wilder the better!
  • Read out the vows to see which ones get the best reaction from the bride. They get the prize!

To unlock the printable below, click ‘Visit One Fab Day on Instagram’, give us a follow and when you come back to this page, the download will be available.

Help the Bride Write her Vows