Her In-Laws Think That She Sabotaged Her Sister-In-Law’s Wedding After She Showed Up In A Matching Dress And Hairstyle – Chip Chick

A woman was a guest at her sister-in-law’s wedding not that long ago, and she has managed to get along decently with her sister-in-law since she’s known her.

She’s hardly friends with her sister-in-law though, and outside of seeing her at events in their family, she has never gone out of her way to spend time around or chat with her sister-in-law.

Anyway, as soon as she knew about her sister-in-law’s wedding, she set out on the internet to find something she would like to wear to the wedding.

While she was searching specifically for outfits you can wear to a wedding, she found a beautiful, blush pink gown that almost reached the floor.

She decided to buy this dress to wear to her sister-in-law’s wedding, thinking that it was appropriate for formal attire.

Now, the dress she bought was completely and undeniably pink, and she figured it was a great choice to wear to the wedding since it wasn’t a color that would compete with the bride in any way.

“It had spaghetti straps and wasn’t too “poofy” if you know what I mean,” she explained. “We get to the wedding, sit in the ceremony space, the bride walks down the aisle…. in a blush wedding dress with spaghetti straps.”

“She literally gives me daggers and what made the situation worse was that we both had our hair down in a similar style (I threw mine up in a bun for the reception after seeing her hair) and we both have the same shade of red hair. It was almost comical.”

Well, she had absolutely no idea that she would end up matching her sister-in-law at the wedding at all.

Iuliia – stock.adobe.com

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