Here Are Eight Strains to Experiment With This Season

Daffodils ain’t the only spring flowers worth singing about.

In Oregon, when spring has officially arrived and the cherry blossoms begin to bloom, the season’s newest cannabis products also begin arriving on dispensary shelves just in time to be enjoyed while gazing at a double rainbow.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a mellow flower puffer, more of a sativa party type, or a cannathusiast who indulges in all kinds of products, there are several fresh cultivars that should be of interest to everyone this year. Here are some of the strains we’re looking forward to auditioning, double rainbow or nah.

Strawberry Cookies

The sleep-inducing genetics of Strawberry Cookies come courtesy of parent strains Animal Cookies and Strawberry Fields, both of which have a reputation as relaxers. In addition to a flowery, berry-sweet terp profile, users should anticipate effervescent body highs that low-key tranquilize, as well as a potent euphoria with the potential to make an evening of couchlock positively sublime. Therapeutic consumers may find Strawberry Cookies eases symptoms of anxiety, depression and insomnia.

BUY: Eden Cannabis, 4124 SE 60th Ave., 503-388-7663,


This cross of Tangie and Purple Punch is humulene heavy, despite a citrusy perfume and taste. That could make it an effective appetite suppressant, or at least offer a departure from strains that trigger epic munchies, which feels appropriate after a long winter of bingeing more than just Netflix. The balanced genetics of this cultivar reportedly make for a super-responsive daytime smoke that’s neither too cerebral nor too stoney for prime time. Medicinal tokers may find relief from depression and anxiety, as well as acute and chronic pain.

BUY: Power Plant, 2384 NW Thurman St., 971-803-7970.

La Bomba

La Bomba was created by crossing Wedding Cake and Jet Fuel Gelato, and the resulting flowers bloom in tight, ultra-frosty clusters peppered with fine red filaments. If the genetics are any indication, users should expect a gassy, funky fragrance, a creamy exhale, and a potent euphoric onset that melts into a deep relaxation. Consumers seeking strains for therapeutic use may want to skip this cultivar until more data rolls in on its specific medicinal applications.

BUY: Green Muse, 5515 NE 16th Ave., 971-420-4917,

Zelato Cake

Zelato Cake is one of PDX Organic’s many thoughtful hybrid cultivars created by crossing Gelato 33 and Zkittlez Cake, placing the genetics of the resulting strain squarely on the easy-listening end of the spectrum. It reportedly leads to both a state of deep relaxation and a potent head high. The nose is sweet, creamy and funky, and the exhale is similarly complex. The jury is still out on therapeutic uses, so for the time being, this heady cultivar may be best suited for varsity stoners.

BUY: Gnome Grown Dispensary, 5012 NE 28th Ave., 971-346-2098,


Another mellow hybrid worth checking out is Jokerz, a cross of White Runtz and Jet Fuel Gelato that exhibits the most dominant qualities of both, yet doesn’t overwhelm users. Expect a potent onset that eases into something velvety, serene and maybe even a bit giggly. Novice users should tread carefully. Although the cannabinoid levels may be a bit lower (less than 20% on average) than other strains, Jokerz can still pack a stiff psychotropic punch.

BUY: Electric Lettuce, multiple locations,

Rainbow Belts

For smokers who prefer a balanced hybrid, this cross of Zkittlez and Moonbow may become your new stash box fave. With both parent strains known for their desirable exhales, Rainbow Belts delivers an expected fruity sweetness beneath an equally compelling skunk. The effects are reportedly euphoric and social, resulting in a tingly body buzz. Additionally, medicinal users may find relief from fatigue, headaches and stress.

BUY: Potland, 503-432-8629,

Hella Jelly

For users looking to round out their cannahumidor with a fiery sativa hybrid, Hella Jelly is the energetic flower you need. Bred from a cross of super-flavorful strains, Very Cherry and Notorious THC, this cultivar reportedly delivers a sparkling head high and a motivating body high, perfect for an afternoon of working on a creative project or going on a mellow, wildflower-hunting hike. Stoners seeking therapeutic strains to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, chronic pain, fatigue or mood swings may find relief with Hella Jelly.

BUY: Pur Roots Dispensary, 5816 NE Portland Highway, 971-865-5176.

Apples and Bananas

Possibly the most complex cultivar to drop recently is this cross of Platinum Cookies, Granddaddy Purple, Blue Power and Gelatti. Together, these parent strains produced a balanced hybrid with a soapy-sweet flavor profile that’s as dynamic as the cultivar’s lineage. Expect a blast of creative energy to arrive as the heady onset tapers off, and a sensual body buzz that lingers, especially when used in, ahem, more arousing settings. Therapeutic applications reportedly include relief from cramps, chronic pain and muscle spasms as well as appetite loss and depression.

BUY: Cookies Portland, 16102 NE Halsey St., 503-764-9863.