Here’s How Much That Perfect Wedding Dress Really Costs

Every bride will have a different preference for their wedding dress. Some like a more classic style, while others opt for a non-traditional design. Regardless of the various choices, the common thread is that the price is probably high.

According to Brides, in 2020, the average cost of a wedding dress was around $2,439. This cost is the average for your traditional western wedding dress and can vary depending on if you opt for a different style. Another factor that can change the price of your wedding dress can be how much tailoring it needs and the designer of your dress. Couture or luxury-designed dresses will ultimately cost thousands more.

Carats & Cake points out that the average cost of wedding dresses isn’t just about how much you’re paying for the gown but everything that comes with it. Along with the cost of your wedding dress, consider the shipping costs. Unless you pick up your wedding dress, you will need to pay for a delivery. Another cost you need to keep in mind is the dry cleaning after the wedding. Unless you’re tossing your dress into the trash after the wedding, you’ll need to get it dry cleaned. The average cost for getting a wedding dress dry cleaned, according to Carats & Cake, is about $240 to $285.