Here’s why 2022 is a big year for weddings

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) – About 10% of the business here at Sparks Florist is dedicated to the wedding business. The most popular flower for the special event is roses.

But these days they say anything goes in terms of color and flower. And for the past couple of months, they say they’ve been getting calls from a particular kind of bride.

The one that has been sitting on the bench…until this year.

“We of course have a lot of weddings on the books that did get cancelled in 2020, 2021,” says Suzanne Shepherd with Sparks Florist. “People kept pushing it back. It was supposed to be in April, we pushed in back to August, January so yes, absolutely,” she says.

Combine that with the new brides and their wedding day for 2022 and you can see there’s a big demand this year for all things wedding.

Shepherd says because venues are booked for popular weekends, they find themselves delivering flowers on weeknights. It’s also a way to save money.

But she says for some brides put on hold, money may be no object.

“Some people spend two years not spending any money,” she says.

“Now they want to celebrate, they want to spend time with family. So, they might be wanting to go on a larger scale than what they previously thought of,” says Katie Silva, Peppermill Communications Director.

Silva says COVID restrictions for two years allowed her property to update their facility. The Edge used to be a nightclub. But it is now heavily requested by couples who can get married on the deck, and then have a reception just inside. The ballrooms too have undergone a facelift as well.

But both she and Shepherd say inflation means 10-to 15% more for goods and services.

On the other hand, they say, for other couples two years has them re-evaluating their wedding plans and they have chosen to downsize. But they too may have trouble getting everything they want. The bent up demand to have a wedding, even a bigger wedding has meant finding a venue tough to come by.

For instance, the Peppermill says at The Edge they are nearly booked until fall.

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