How much Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding cost taxpayers compared to other royals | Royal | News

The Royal Family receives funding in the form of the Sovereign Grant, which is paid by the Treasury, but there are also private streams of money like the Duchy of Lancaster which the Queen has access as monarch. The Duchy of Cornwall also provides an income to Prince Charles as the heir to the throne.

Meghan was thought to have paid for her own custom Givenchy wedding gown with an estimated cost of £110,000.

Security for the event was thought to have cost the taxpayers between £3.4million, according to the Guardian.

Thames Valley’s police and crime commissioner, Anthony Stansfeld, told the BBC that the estimated cost of police presence at the wedding was “between £2million and £4million”.

The cost was absorbed by the Thames Valley Police service, but police forces can apply for special grants from the Home Office for events of this scale.