How One Bride Pulled Off A Super-Stylish Pandemic Wedding In London

While Covid-19 meant many of our wedding plans were derailed, the one thing we were determined to keep was the date. We had our hearts set on a Bank Holiday weekend and loved the idea that the festivities could casually spill across a number of days, allowing for extra time in London for our Northern families, and the blessing of another day to nurse our hangovers.

Dan and I will have been together for 10 years this November, and while I liked the idea of being married someday, I was never the type of girlfriend who had it mapped out. In fact, as an indecisive person, the thought of having to decide on the venue, the dress, the hair, the shoes and so on was too much. When I look back now, having these choices taken away to a degree made it all a little easier, but you can’t help but feel devastated and heartbroken when you realise what you had hoped for can no longer go ahead.

“I was never the type of girlfriend who had it mapped out,” writes Anna of her wedding.

Jon Gorrigan

At the time of our wedding, celebrations for 30 guests were allowed. After reviewing our 120-strong list for the fifth time, we settled on immediate family only: our parents, siblings and partners, and our niece and nephew. It was intimate yet lively, and while the thought of speeches in front of just 12 guests seemed quite hilarious, in the end it felt even more special. As soon as the restaurants opened, we had jumped at the chance to book two of our favourite spots: Rochelle Canteen for a summer lunch under the vines before the ceremony at Hackney Town Hall, followed by the Marksman for an intimate, decadent pub feast tucked away in their private cellar room.