How To Have A Wedding In Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy 14 offers so much to you that it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you can get married in-game to other Warriors of Light through the Ceremony of Eternal Bonding. In an MMO where you can choose to fight your way to glory or peacefully gather and craft to your heart’s content, this feature rounds it out for people who want to role-play while exploring Eorzea.

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A journey shared with a loved one, after all, is a journey well enjoyed. Whether it’s true love or you’re just in it for the sweet, sweet mounts and other goodies you get for it, the marriage process in Final Fantasy 14 is fairly straightforward and surprisingly inclusive.


How To Unlock The Ceremony Of Eternal Bonding

Final Fantasy 14 Fatter Cat Mount

To tie the knot, you and your partner will need to be level 50 in any class, and you both must have completed the main story quest The Scions of the Seventh Dawn. While you can’t propose to any NPC characters, you can get married to any player in the game, and, thanks to player backlash when it was initially announced, gender no longer matters. Another important note is that you and your partner must be from the same home world.

Applying For Marriage

Register your marriage ceremony at the Mog Station in Final Fantasy XIV

To start, you must purchase a ceremony package through the official Final Fantasy 14 Mog Station store. Log in with your service account and scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the box that says “Optional Items”. From the online store, click the tab on the left-hand side that says eternal bond. You will be presented with three options, the standard, gold, and platinum packages.

Each package gives you different rewards and both you and your partner must choose one package each. This will give you a corresponding promise wristlet based on the package you chose, delivered via the in-game Moogle post. If you and your partner have different wristlets, the one of lesser value will determine the service for both of you.

Package Prices And What They Offer

Final Fantasy 14 Nicole Eternalstar Gposer screenshot of her wedding

The standard package is free, while the gold and platinum cost $10 and $20, respectively. The gold and platinum cost money since they give you additional control over the ceremony in the shape of venue customisations and mounts.

Standard Plan – free

  • Includes eternity rings, garments of innocence ceremony attire, a special emote, a special furnishing item, and special hairstyles.
  • Band of eternity item which lets you teleport to your partner.

Gold Plan – $10

  • Everything offered in the standard plan.
  • Dyeable garments of passion ceremony attire, a ceremony Chocobo mount, carpeting, and flower colour options.
  • Additional options for the ceremony’s procession and recession.
  • Guests will receive a Demon Box minion and a Bridesmoogle minion.

Platinum Plan – $20

  • Everything offered in the standard and gold plans.
  • Dyeable garments of devotion and passion ceremony attire.
  • Additional colour options for carpeting and flowers.
  • Guests will receive a Demon Box minion and a Bridesmoogle minion.

If you want to get the fancy Chocobo mount, you’ll want to go for the gold plan, but the free plan will suit anyone just fine if you can go without.

Start The Ties That Bind Quest


Before grabbing the quest, you’ll want to buy a specific ring called the ‘Flawless Band’. You can buy this in Ul’dah for 30,000 Gil from Sileas. Now, it’s time to grab your promise bracelets from the in-game Moogle mail, equip them, party up with your partner, and head over to Gridania’s East Shroud. There is an NPC there called Claribel, who can be found at the Sanctuary of the 12. She will have a quest for you called ‘Ties That Bind’.

In typical FF14 fashion, there’s a lot to do through this quest, but it’s nothing too difficult. Just follow the steps and head to each area it tells you to. As you go through the quest, you will eventually trade the flawless band you bought for an eternity ring that symbolises your union.

Customising Your Wedding Venue

The Ceremony of Eternal Bonding in Final Fantasy XIV

Progressing the Ties that Bind quest will allow you to customise your wedding venue. Depending on which package you and your partner went for, you will have different options available. You can start this process by talking to Raitmeaux in the Ivory Chapel, which is where all weddings take place.

There are three main styles to choose from; the Lover’s Kiss, the Spinnder’s Hand, and the Solemn Oath, these three are available regardless of which package you buy. All this does is switch up which scene plays at the end. Otherwise, you can choose to change the lighting, carpet and flower colour, the bouquet bearer, and which music is played. However, these customisation options will differ depending on which package you bought.

Making A Reservation

The Marriage Ceremony in Final Fantasy XIV

With your wedding customised, you’ll now want to set a date for the big day. Talk to Etoinelle outside the Ivory Chapel and select the top option to make a reservation. Go through her dialogue and make sure you and your partner have one space free in your inventory to receive the blank invitation letter. Registration opens up on Fridays, and you make a reservation for the following week.

Inviting Guests And The Ceremony

Personal Invitation to the marriage ceremony in Final Fantasy XIV

Using the blank invitation item will let both of you create up to 40 invites for your special day, equaling a total of potentially 80 guests. You are only allowed to extend invitations to players on your server. Another important thing to note is that you will also need to have an invitation, so hang on to them.

Once the big day rolls around, you all gather for the ceremony. You won’t be allowed into the venue if you arrive more than 20 minutes late and don’t have your invitation. Cutscenes will play and you and your partner will be bonded for life, letting you live in Eorzea happily ever after. If you’re feeling fancy, you can talk to Hawu Bajihri outside the sanctuary of the 12 to set an anniversary date.

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