How to Host a Museum Wedding

For a day as monumental as your wedding day, why not go all out and tie the knot at a grand museum filled with world-renowned artifacts? Just imagine saying “I do” beside a famous painting, or dining and dancing in front of an iconic sculpture. Museums have a long histories and tons of cultural significance, which makes them a special place to host your nuptials.

History buffs and art aficionados will adore swapping vows at a museum wedding. It’s also the perfect spot for couples who love exploring museums during date nights or for those who grew up in the area and want to channel the city’s unique cultural flair. 

Celebrating at a museum means your guests will have their own private tour of the building, so they’ll get unique access to priceless pieces of art. Since museums tend to have ample space, they’re an excellent choice for macro weddings with extended guest lists.

When it comes to adorning the venue, museums already house their own exquisite decorations, so you’ll save time and money on filling the space. In fact, we recommend keeping your décor to a minimum because you don’t want to overshadow all that the museum has to offer. Instead of trying to mask the space, build upon the museum’s color scheme or include a nod to your favorite exhibit.

From modern art museums to natural history museums to epic science centers, there are many different options that each have their own aesthetic. Before you start designing your wedding, just remember to double check your contract to make sure you follow all of the rules and regulations.

To help you get started, here are 18 unique ways to host an unforgettable museum wedding.