How to Make Wedding Cake

There are many recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and players can make things as grandiose as a wedding cake. Here’s how to make a wedding cake.

making a wedding cake in-game

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There are tons of recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley, they’re all fun to collect and try to cook on the stove. All sorts of dishes can be made in the game, from simple entrées to hearty meals that fully restore the player’s energy bar. Some of these recipes are easier and some are more unusual and complicated.

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In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players can make a quick dessert like a fruit salad, for example, however, they can make something as tricky and as grandiose as a wedding cake. And this guide is about just that, it’ll explain in great detail how to make a Wedding Cake in Disney Dreamlight Valley.


How To Make Wedding Cake

cookbook recipe for wedding cake in ddv

Wedding Cake is a five-star recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley but the ingredients are quite easy to obtain for those that have progressed enough in the game. It’s rated so highly because it restores 1,680 energy, sells for 785 gold, and there are five ingredients in it. All of the ingredients required to make Wedding Cake are mandatory, they are not versatile and cannot be switched out for ingredients of the same type.

To make Wedding Cake in Disney Dreamlight Valley, players need to gather vanilla, butter, eggs, sugarcane, and wheat. For those interested in making more cake, there are other types of cake available in the game such as Coconut Cake for example.

How To Get The Ingredients To Make Wedding Cake

gathering vanilla in ddv

Although it may seem like a ton of work to get all the necessary ingredients to make this recipe, they’re all quite easy to get once players gain access to the required biomes.

Wheat is the easiest ingredient to obtain, it’s available for purchase at Goofy’s Stall in Peaceful Meadow – the first stall to be unlocked in the game. Sugarcane and its seeds can be purchased at Goofy’s Stall at Dazzle Beach. Vanilla is an item that players can forage once they’ve unlocked Sunlit Plateau – the biome blocked by the large thorns directly west of the player’s house.

Lastly, players can buy butter and eggs from Remy in his pantry at Chez Remy’s. Butter costs 190 Star coins and eggs cost 220 Star coins – slightly expensive which unfortunately decreases the profits of making Wedding Cake. They’re available right from the get-go as soon as Remy leaves his realm and returns to the Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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