How to Play What’s in Your Handbag?

Looking for a super easy and quick idea to spice up your hen party and get the laughs going? Basically, a game of bingo – play What’s In Your Handbag with your unsuspecting guests and we gaurantee the ice will be broken! This easy-to-play game usually throws up a few surprises and maybe even expose a few secrets along the way. We’ve even done the hard work for you by including a handy free printable below with a list of items which you can print out and bring with you. So, here’s how to play the hen party game, What’s in Your Handbag…

What You Need To Play

Luckily, you don’t need much to play What’s In Your Bag, which means if you’re looking for a last minute, handy game, this one easily fits the bill. A couple of pens and enough lists of items for everyone will get this game rolling.

  • A ready-made list of items. Download our free printable below!
  • Plenty of pens or pencils.
  • A grand prize for the winner, which could include a bottle of bubbly, a beauty treat set or a mini trophy.

Photo by From St Xavier

How to Play What’s in Your Handbag

This interactive, bingo-style game is a simple way to get your hen party off to a great start. Before you can get going with What’s In Your Handbag, you need to create a list of objects you’d expect to find in an average handbag, and for a fun twist, we suggest you add in a few wildcards to really challenge your guests? Go the DIY route and create a personalised item list, or alternatively, download our free printable below.

  1. Allocate each item a certain number of points
  2. Award common items such as a purse, ID, car keys and lip balm lower points
  3. Award higher points for more unusual items such as a toothbrush or even a parking ticket!
  4. Tally up everyone’s points at the end and give the grand prize for the winner.

Top Tip: Keep this game a surprise, so guests won’t have the chance to interfere with what they would normally carry in their handbag.

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What’s In Your Handbag Printable