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How to style a Thanksgiving Day dinner at home

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Who here is hosting Thanksgiving this year? We’re less than two weeks out! Yes, the meal itself can take a ton of planning, but as far as the decor, you really just need to focus on three things: tabletop, flowers, and accessories. That’s what Royale of Bonjour Fete and floral designer Shawn of Flower Bar Co. did when they teamed up to share a beautiful yet relaxed Thanksgiving scene that anyone could whip up with the right supplies. Thanks to Aubrey Taiese Photography for the photos below!

Royale explains, When it comes to hosting a flawless Thanksgiving dinner, the tablescape and ambiance is just as important as the menu. Warm colors are the most welcoming, so always try to choose decor reflective of the season and go with an Autumnal color scheme! Neutrals are always a good idea as well, I especially love these wood and woven pumpkins and acorn baskets, they look perfect in my home without feeling too hokey.

Pumpkins, baskets, and signage are just a few accents that really tie it all together.

Whether you’re looking for an easy appetizer for a Friendsgiving party or a fresh new way to share your leftovers in take-home containers, this Thanksgiving Leftovers Charcuterie is a spread stuffed full of Thanksgiving favorites. Start with a large board or platter, and arrange all the goods working from the inside out. The beauty of this app is that there are no rules, so feel free to get creative and let the good times (dinner) roll. 

Here the classic turkey and stuffing combo was front and center, flanked by two dip bowls filled with cranberry sauce and mashed sweet potatoes. The edges were lined with easy “gobble and go” foods like apple slices, pine nuts, and fig and olive crackers. To make the entire spread look a little more refined (and feel a lot more festive), embellish with pomegranate seeds and rosemary sprays. I also like to serve something small and sweet on the side, and this maple cookie and cinnamon apple combo was not only delicious but darling displayed in this rustic Acorn Shaped Dish.

For the Thanksgiving tables, the team was all about mixing beauty and convenience. They used disposable partyware paired with their permanent flatware and linens to keep things easy but thoughtful.

As far as florals, Shawn tells us, For the centerpiece, I used a small ceramic bowl (any small bowl from your cupboard will do) with a flower frog secured at the bottom. Orange dahlias anchored the design with layered garden roses to compliment the color while adding some softness with their ruffled petals. I snipped foliage from my garden’s coral bells to tie it together. For an added touch of glam, the dried fern got a little touch of rose gold floral spray, which complimented the gold-dusted Romantic Cornucopia. I love incorporating texture and the bittersweet berries and scabiosa pods add just the right amount. A few floral accents in bud vases spaced along the table (with cute accents like these set of acorns) will allow your guests seated on the end to enjoy a decor moment as well. 

A beautiful centerpiece and tableware sure goes a long way, doesn’t it?! Thanks to Bonjour Fete and the team below for sharing these Thanksgiving styling tips!

Photography: Aubrey Taiese Photography | Design: Royale Ziegler of Bonjour Fete | Florals: Shawn Chamberlain of Flower Bar Co. | Party Supplies: Bonjour Fete | Charcuterie: Holly Moore of Bonjour Fete