Howell Rescue Squad Seeks Owner Of Missing Wedding Band

HOWELL, NJ — A presumed wedding band has gone missing in Howell and the First Aid and Rescue Squad wants to return it to its rightful owner.

During the coin canning fundraising on the weekend of Thanksgiving (on Nov. 27) someone accidentally dropped a gold ring in the bucket instead of a coin, the First Aid and Rescue Squad wrote on social media.

Because of the date and initials engraved on the inside, it’s assumed to be a wedding ring.

“We can only assume that whoever is missing it, is quite upset,” they wrote on Facebook.

Anyone who knows the owner and can verify what the markings on the inside are is encouraged to message the Howell Township First Aid and Rescue Squad #1 on Facebook.

“We would love to return this beautiful piece of memory to the rightful owner,” the post reads. ” It will be kept safe with the officers of the squad until the owner is found.

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