Hungry bride relishes a pizza before wedding ceremonies. Watch | Trending

We all know how tiring a wedding can be, especially for a bride. Brides generally have to wake up early in the morning, check the preparations, get ready for the wedding ceremony, and so much more. Amid this, many brides stay hungry for hours. But, when they finally get to have something, many brides like to fill their stomachs so they can energise for further ceremonies. Recently, a video of a bride devouring a pizza has been doing rounds on the internet.

In the video, the bride is dressed in an embellished pink coloured lehnga and jewellery. As she is sitting on a chair, she has a box of pizza and can be seen enjoying a slice of it.

Take a look at the full video of the bride having pizza before her wedding here:

Since this video was shared on Instagram, it has been viewed more than three lakh times. The video also has 6000 likes and several comments. One person said, “When you can’t do without pizza!” Another person added, “Humy to shadi wale din kuch bhi acha nae lag raha tha bohot tension thi (I didn’t like anything on my wedding day. I had so much tension.) Someone also said, “Apne shaadi me log shaadi ka khana khayega ki pizza (Will someone eat their wedding food or pizza?)” Some others have reacted using emojis.

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