‘I abandoned her at the most important moment in her life’

A maid of honor left her twin sister’s wedding early, but she thinks she had a good reason. The bride, on the other hand, disagrees.

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The maid of honor asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in on the matter. On the day of the ceremony, everything was going fine. But the maid of honor learned that her son had a head injury and was going to the hospital. She decided to go see her son and the bride wasn’t happy.

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“I was responsible for a few things at the ceremony and party, nothing complex, but I asked another bridesmaid for help, so she was also on top of everything,” the maid of honor explained.

The bride had a child-free ceremony and isn’t too fond of children. So, the maid of honor left her two toddlers with her in-laws. During the wedding, the in-laws called and said her son hit his head and was going to the hospital.

“I despaired, even though they said he was conscious, my heart was not at peace nor my husband’s, so we decided to go to the hospital. I talked to the bridesmaid and explained everything I had to do, she accepted.”

“When it was time to talk to my sister, she had a meltdown saying that I couldn’t go at the most important moment in her life and if I was choosing him instead her. I got really irritated and said ‘Yes, I choose my son in the hospital.’ I left with her cursing me,” the Reddit poster said.

Fortunately, the maid of honor’s son only required a couple of stitches. But that only infuriated the bride even more when they spoke over the phone.

“She started screaming saying that I abandoned her at the most important moment in her life and that she was without a family in her own marriage (no parents and grandparents),” the maid of honor wrote.

Redditors were on the maid of honor’s side.

“Your sister needs to chill,” someone wrote.

“I can’t fathom how anyone with the slightest bit of compassion would fault a parent for wanting to see that their child is safe,” another said.

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“Your kids come before absolutely everything else,” a Redditor replied.

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