I Attended 3 Weddings in One Week—Here’s What I Wore

I can’t be the only one who has experienced the phenomenon of attending a multitude of weddings in just one week. In a year like the one we’re having, the wedding boom is at an all-time high. Attending three weddings in one week required me to spend 24 hours traveling from destination to destination. Any excuse to travel works for me, so I packed my bags and went on my way. With destinations from Lisbon, Portugal, to Detroit, Michigan, I managed to pack for these events, plus trips to two other countries, with just a carry-on.

My strategy for packing for this excursion was to focus on the dresses that I could easily make a statement in, and I layered on a similar roundup of accessories for the rest of my events. The first wedding granted me the opportunity to wear a dress that had been in my dreams for months on end. Since the second round of events was in September, I began a transition toward cooler colors, with green making an appearance in that roundup. Below, you’ll find inspiration for any weddings you have coming up in the near future and a few other wedding guest dresses that are well worth wearing.