I Attended The Perfect Wedding At Tilly Foster Farm In Brewster

This Labor Day weekend, I had the pleasure of attending Danielle and Andy’s (Jen’s brother’s) wedding.  With showers and thunderstorms threatening the outdoor wedding all day, it turned out to be “the wedding that ended the drought” and thankfully so because the wedding was a barn burner!

The day began outside with the farm grounds being used for the wedding. Tilly Foster has an exceptionally beautiful landscape and there are many amenities throughout that really make for a charming wedding venue.  It was complete with a windmill, barn backdrop, and what Jen noticed was a “Tolkien-esque” tree circle resembling a ring.

The handsome groom, Andy stood at a floral arch awaiting his beautiful bride.  

There were very few dry eyes as family and friends enjoyed their sweet country-themed wedding.  The deal is sealed!

Cocktail hour was held in the restaurant and the staff was exceptional.  There was an open bar and hors d’oeuvres included pigs in a blanket, mini pizzas, the most massive shrimp cocktail I’ve ever seen, a multitude of cheeses, stuffed mushrooms, and a lot of other things I was too distracted to remember.  Lining the walls of the lovely restaurant were beautiful paintings one could purchase if you have some spare pocket change and bare walls in your home.

After the cocktail hour, we were ushered (some driven by golf carts if you were so inclined) to the barn for the reception.  The decorations were really stunning.  Obviously, the bride and groom chose their own personal touches, but the barn was exceptionally decorated.  What Jess (a friend of the bride and groom) described as the “World’s greatest wedding entry ever”, was Danielle and Andy coming in as newly wedded husband and wife to the Ranger’s “Goal” song.  Fists were pumping, adrenaline was racing and you couldn’t help but smile as you saw the outpouring of love.

I also couldn’t help but notice the amazing food aromas wafting through the barn.  We had salad and rolls to keep our bellies from grumbling, but now that I mentioned it, what awaited us for “eatins” was a Tilly’s Table buffet from heaven complete with Roasted Turkey, Prime Rib, Dijon Crusted Salmon, Eggplant Rollatini, Chicken and Broccoli Pasta, Roasted Potatoes and Green Beans Almandine.

Many danced the night away and some retreated to the balcony for some fresh air and to give their tender ears a rest from the boom-boom pow of the bass. It was, and still is a heck of a wedding season going on this year at Tilly Foster Farm in Brewster (I heard a rumor that there were 26 more weddings between now and Thanksgiving). If you want more information about having your wedding at Tilly’s, click here.

Wishing Danielle and Andy a lifetime of happiness, thanks for giving us all an amazing time and hosting a real hootenanny!  Can I get a Yee-Haw?!

Thanks for hanging out, enjoy the pics of the wedding, including a pic with an interesting illusion, and one of my “Vader” attire at the end, we’ll see you again really soon.

I Attended The Perfect Wedding At Tilly Foster Farm In Brewster

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