I bought my wedding dress for $150 in a Starbucks parking lot – but something awful happened as I walked down the aisle

A WOMAN shared her wedding dress story on her seven-year anniversary of her big day.

Kylie, a content creator who utilizes her TikTok like a “personal diary,” shared the video with her 75k TikTok followers.


Kylie, a content creator, shared the story of her wedding day in honor of her seven-year anniversaryCredit: TikTok/_kylifornia
She had purchased her wedding dress for $150 in a Starbucks parking lot


She had purchased her wedding dress for $150 in a Starbucks parking lotCredit: TikTok/_kylifornia

“I bought my wedding dress in a Starbucks parking lot and I tried it on in the Starbucks bathroom,” she began.

“A guy and his fiance weren’t getting married anymore so he was selling all their sh*t, and I came up on that wedding dress for 150 bucks,” she explained.

She got the dress altered at a random laundromat.

“I walked in, was like hey can you fix this? They were like yeah, when can you pick it up?” she laughed.

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She was measured and three days later the dress was picked up.

“The whole wedding was on a baller budget, you don’t even know,” she joked.

She fast-forwarded to the day of the wedding — the moment of walking down the aisle when something mortifying happened to the dress.

“I wasn’t even due with my period, it was just like a stressful time, it happened,” she said.

Her little cousin Taylor was holding the train of the dress at the time, spreading it so it looked pretty.

“I suspiciously started lifting it up, we’re both looking at my legs, I was like ‘holy sh*t,'” she said.

“I look at her and I’m like: Taylor we gotta run.”

She ran away from the wedding and told no one.

She explained that she had started her period in her dress right before walking down the aisle


She explained that she had started her period in her dress right before walking down the aisleCredit: TikTok/_kylifornia

She and her cousin ran to the bathroom, locked herself in, and her cousin went to get help.

Her grandma assists with a bottle of vodka and some towels.

“This sh*t couldn’t have gone backward, but it was so funny,” she said.

“I’m cleaning my legs, my grandma is cleaning my dress, my cousin’s out telling everybody what’s happening or at least that I’m not running away from my wedding,” she explained.

Thankfully, no blood could be seen on the outside and was contained only on the inside of the dress.

“To this day, those stains are there…and that is how heirlooms are started,” she joked.

The viral video gained over 275k likes and viewers took to the comments to react to the hilarious and unfortunate story.

“This happened to me too, I bought my dress at a thrift store so no big deal,” said one commenter.

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“Grandma: I don’t know what’s happening but I know it requires some vodka,” joked another.

“Definitely want to see that dress, this all sounds like core memories,” said a third.