I bought my wedding dress on Amazon for £25 just ten days before my wedding… here’s how it turned out

FOR many women, their wedding day is one, if not the, most important day of their lives.

Many brides-to-be will spend months, sometimes even years organising their big day. 


A woman has taken to TikTok to reveal that ten days before her wedding, she had no idea what dress she would be wearingCredit: tiktok.com/@lorenaaruelass
Lorena ordered four dresses from Amazon


Lorena ordered four dresses from AmazonCredit: tiktok.com/@lorenaaruelass
Lorena bought this dress for £25 but was not impressed


Lorena bought this dress for £25 but was not impressedCredit: tiktok.com/@lorenaaruelass

Choosing the wedding dress is a huge decision for many brides to make – one that a lot of thought, time and effort goes into.

One woman has taken to TikTok to reveal that just twelve days before her wedding, she had no clue what dress she would be wearing.

The bride explained that she hadn’t decided on an outfit, so took to Amazon to see what she could find.

Lorena, known on TikTok as ‘lorenaaruelass’, posted a series of different videos, explaining her wedding dress predicament.

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With just twelve days to decide what to wear, Lorena ended up ordering four dresses from Amazon. 

She said: “So I’m getting married in twelve days – it’s just a small, family thing, it’s just my family and his family and I got my dress from Amazon and I just got it today, literally twelve days away.

“I barely found a dress that I liked, but I got this, I’m going to try it on and see how I like it.

“I’m super nervous, I think I have enough time to return it and get a different dress, if I don’t like it, but let’s go – I hope it fits.”

Lorena tries on the first dress option and we think she looks fabulous – it is a floor-length, white lace dress.

She continued: “I don’t know how I feel about it, it’s kind of see through, I don’t know, help me.

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“I don’t know, I don’t know if I hate it or if I love it, I don’t know how I feel.

“What do you think – should I switch ir or should I keep it?

“It’s only twelve days away, but I also don’t want to hate it”.

In another video, captioned ‘Another fail lol I need a miracle!’, Lorena tried on two more dresses that she ordered from Amazon.

She explained: “Welcome to part two of trying to find a dress off of Amazon for my wedding which is now in ten days.

“If you watched my previous video, I absolutely hated the way the dress looked, so I went back online and I picked out two more dresses and I just got them today.

“The first option is a silk texture – I like it, but it’s totally see-through, I’m pretty sure you’re going to be able to see everything.

“And then this one is supposed to hug all your edges – this one looks so white that it’s blue, I don’t know if that makes sense.

“I absolutely hate both these options right now, but let’s try them on and see how they look.

“I can’t even show you because it is so see-through, but it’s supposed to be an XL and as soon as I put my arms through it, it broke.

“Amazon, this does not look like the picture, at all, I absolutely hate it, so no.

“This one is also going to be a no, thanks Amazon, these really suck.

“If I walk around, this front part slides down and it’s an awkward length and it’s really see-through. 

“All of these options suck and I have ten days until my wedding and I literally don’t have time to find anything else.”

In a third video, Lorena tries on a fourth dress, this time a maxi dress with a multi-way tie.

She said: “So I get married tomorrow and I have one more dress that I ordered. 

“It’s a white dress, one of those where you style it however you want at the top.

“It’s very see-through so I would have to wear a slip under this.

“This is the dress on, you can style it however you want to style it but it’s very see-through.

“I don’t like it, it gives me Cleopatra vibes – it’s super long and I don’t like how simple it is. 

“I don’t like simple dresses, that’s why I like the first one, because it’s more like a boho feel.

“I already know what dress I am going to wear, so stay tuned for that because I get married tomorrow”.

Lorena didn’t reveal how much any of the dresses were, but one commenter revealed that she also had the third dress and confirmed it was £25. 

Lorena then posted a ‘wedding dress reveal video’ as she showed off the dress she decided to wear – the first one.

TikTok users were quick to compliment Lorena on the dress and how beautiful she looked on her big day.

One person said: “THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BRIDE. This was my favourite dress”. 

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Another added: “Yasssss hunny! that’s the one I loved on you. You look gorgeous. Best wishes for a beautiful long life”.

A third commented: “Omg gorgeous! My mom and I just binged all your dress videos and we loved this one on you.”

Lorena decided to wear the first dress and we think she looks fabulous


Lorena decided to wear the first dress and we think she looks fabulousCredit: tiktok.com/@lorenaaruelass