I cancelled my wedding after my fiancé BANNED my three kids

A SEETHING bride-to-be has called off her wedding after her fiancé took her children off the invite list without telling her.

The 38-year-old woman was supposed to get married in three weeks’ time but has decided not to go ahead with the ceremony after he lied to her.


Her husband-to-be took her children off the guest list without telling her as he didn’t ‘want to feel judged by them’Credit: Getty

The anonymous woman revealed on Reddit that she read over her guest list a little over a week ago for the first time.

She was surprised to see that it was missing three very important names: the names of her children, Madison, 18, Ethan, 15, and Isabella, 10.

Shocked by the list, the woman confronted her fiancé, whose name is Carlos, and he told her that this was “an adults-only wedding”.

This wasn’t something she’d agreed to, or even talked about.

Taking to Reddit, the confused and angry would-be-bride wrote: “As you can imagine I was annoyed and asked him what in the world he was talking about.

“I had been under the impression that my kids were allowed to come, and that my ex-husband would be dropping them off.”

It became apparent that “everyone was aware” of the guest list, including her parents and bridesmaids who assumed it was her idea to exclude her kids.

The mum then realised this is why the family had been ‘acting distant’ with her.

While confronting her fiancé, he tried to say she already knew it would be a kids-free wedding, but the mum wouldn’t let his excuse slide and reiterated she had no idea that was the plan.

She said: “I asked him why he wanted no kids, and he explained to me that kids are apparently annoying, and he didn’t think they would be comfortable at the after-party, where there would be a lot of drinking, even though I don’t even drink”.

But this didn’t make sense as her eldest was an adult and the two younger one’s were not coming to the reception.

Carlos was still unhappy with the plans, complaining that the kids “were immature still and that he wanted to feel comfortable with me without ‘judgement from my kids’.

He added: “If it were up to him there would be no kids in our relationship.”

The three children were understandably upset they weren’t invited, especially her eldest as she was legally an adult.

She added that she was confused and that although she knew he didn’t have a bond with the kids, that this was a step over the line for her.

The woman continued: “We got into a large argument, and he said that marriage wasn’t about my kids, but our shared love for each other, and if I couldn’t see that then I wasn’t being reasonable, and should rethink my actions towards him”.

The protective mother didn’t back down and informed Carlos that her children were “more important to me than he would ever be”, vowing that “if they weren’t there, I wouldn’t be either”.

Due to the intense argument, the wedding was called off, and Carlos’ family are not happy with her at all given that they had to fly over from another country to attend the ceremony.

She asked users on Reddit whether she had made the right call and the majority agreed with her.

One wrote: “You dodged a bullet there. So glad he showed his true colors before the wedding. Take your kids on the honeymoon trip and don’t look back.”

“People who don’t want kids should not date or marry people with kids. You did the right thing, the guy is a massive AH” another user commented.

A third replied: “You dodged a massive bullet!”

Many users claimed she dodged a bullet and should end the relationship altogether


Many users claimed she dodged a bullet and should end the relationship altogetherCredit: Getty

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