‘I cut my bridesmaid off the day after our wedding – she embarrassed me the whole day’

The friend always caused drama and made everything about her on the woman’s big day – so the bride got fed up and decided to block her from her life after her wedding

She says her friend even pressured her into making her a bridesmaid (stock photo)(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

A newlywed woman blocked a bridesmaid from her life completely the day after her wedding as she couldn’t stand her loud opinions, lateness and rude attitude any longer.

They were friends for some time but things took a turn when the woman got engaged as she saw her friend for who she really was.

The woman did not even have the intention of making her a bridesmaid but was pressured into it by her.

In a Reddit post, the newlywed added that the friend arrived late on the big day and forced people to look after her and not focus on the bride.

Her friend even arrived late on the big day (stock photo)(Getty Images)

The woman, who remained anonymous, wrote: “Things didn’t really start to take a turn in our friendship until I got engaged.

“She was insistent on going so that she could be a bridesmaid. however, I had no intention of asking. She pressured me into making her one.”

The newlywed added that her friend even took issue with the bridesmaid’s dresses and wanted to make her opinions known.

She told the friend their friendship was over (stock photo)(Getty Images/iStockphoto)