I found the perfect dress for a friend’s wedding but my mum said it was inappropriate, apparently it’s too revealing

A WOMAN found a dream dress for her friend’s wedding but was disappointed when her mum told her it wasn’t right for a wedding… and plenty of others agreed.

The wedding guest explained that she and her fiancé loved the gown but others weren’t so keen.


Getting the right dress is tricky for wedding guestsCredit: Getty
One woman was keen to wear her Boohoo purchase to the wedding but others said it wasn't appropriate


One woman was keen to wear her Boohoo purchase to the wedding but others said it wasn’t appropriateCredit: Mumsnet

She was shocked that the frock, a short pink off-the-shoulder number, wasn’t right for the wedding ceremony.

Taking to Mumsnet, she said: “Going to a wedding in a couple weeks.

“Saw a gorgeous Bardot dress, loved it, fiancé loved it so ordered it and I love it in real life too.

“However I sent a pic to my mum who just texted back: ‘I don’t like it for a wedding’ then didn’t say why or anymore?

“Am I breaking some kind of etiquette? Clueless about these things.

“Most weddings I’ve been too I’ve been the bridesmaid or the bride and don’t have a clue how guests dressed.

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“I do remember a wedding a few years back where I wore a red polka dot dress. Don’t know if that was breaking any etiquette rules.

“I do believe that mother likes that dress though!”

The woman ordered the pink frock from Boohoo at the discount price of £16, down from £28.

Plenty of Mumsnet users were quick to jump in with their opinions.

One person said: “It’s a bit informal. Where is the wedding? Shoulders should be covered in a church generally.”

Another said: “Too informal and ought to be longer (if we’re going with wedding-appropriate attire etiquette).

“If the wedding is in a religious place of worship, then strictly speaking shoulders should be covered.”

A third said: “Definitely not suitable for a wedding but great in the summer on the beach.”