I found the perfect dress for my friend’s wedding but it’s a MASSIVE risk

THERE are many rules to follow when choosing an outfit to wear to a wedding. 

Wearing informal wear detracts from the occasion of the day and sends out a message that you couldn’t be bothered to put in any effort.

Jesse Switch recently bought a new summer dress for her friend’s Mexican weddingCredit: TikTok/jesseswitch
She thinks it fits perfectly from the backCredit: TikTok/jesseswitch

But on the other hand, you don’t want to look like you are going to a nightclub. 

And wearing the colour white should be avoided at all costs, unless the bride and groom have specifically requested it. 

So finding the perfect outfit, which fits perfectly with the occasion and is flattering to wear can sometimes become a bit long winded. 

And Jesse Switch knows exactly what this feels like. 

She is attending her friend’s wedding in Mexico and is hunting for the outfit which is going to do the job. 

After finding what she thought was ‘the one’, Jesse is now starting to have second thoughts.

And so she took to TikTok to ask for advice from her 944k followers.

Modelling the flowery dress, she says: “So I’m trying to decide which dress to wear to my friend’s wedding.”

The dress, which is below the knee length but has a split down it, has pink flower designs on it, is low cut around the chest area, similar to typical summer dresses.

Jesse turns around in a full circle so she can show the camera the front and back of it, before then revealing her issue. 

She says: “I think this is beautiful, it’s pretty, it’s feminine, it’s light, it’s airy.” 

However, she revealed the underlining of the dress and is now asking for adviseCredit: TikTok/jesseswitch

But then she lifts the dress up and says: “pow.”

Jesse shows the underlining of the dress is so short it comes just below her hips and shows off a large amount of her thigh area. 

The video, which has had over 152k people interact with it, is captioned: “Please it’s so cute & comfy but dannng (SIC) she’s a bit risky.”

And over 3k people rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts. 

One wrote: “It looks stunning, maybe needs a longer inner dress. I need a video of you walking.” 

Another added: “Respectfully but you worry about the length when the girls are already out?

“You look gorgeous in that dress tho (SIC).” 

A third advised: “Obviously it’s your choice and you look amazing and the dress is gorgeous.

“But for wedding outfits my rule is ‘if I’m questioning it then it’s a no.’”