I got divorced — and turned my wedding gown into a party dress | Style

As the heavy wooden doors of Marylebone register office flew open, there I stood, a proper bride. “She’s gone full bridal!” a friend blurted before clasping her hand over her mouth in shock.

She was right. As the world’s most reluctant bride, not once have I headed to a store’s bridal department to touch the heavenly white gowns that hang heavily off squishy, silk-padded hangers. Not once, not even during my peak Morten Harket obsession, did I ever imagine myself walking down an aisle, family and friends damp-eyed at the sight of me. So, four months before my wedding in June 2018, I still had no clue what to wear.

Like every fashion editor I’d pored over the black-and-white photos of Bianca Jagger taken at