I got my nails done the day before my wedding and I HATED the results – but I’m the one being trolled

WEDDING planning is a high-stress time, especially in the days immediately before the big event.

One bride’s manicure turned out so poorly, she re-painted her nails in the early hours of her wedding day, but trolls criticized her after she shared the story online.


Jen shared her wedding day manicure horror story on TikTokCredit: TikTok/@realpohtaetoe

Recently-wed Jen shared her experience on TikTok in a video that racked up 6.7million views.

In the caption of the video, Jen revealed that after her terrible experience, she took matters into – and onto – her own hands.

“I ended up painting my own nails at 1am,” she wrote, “a few hours before my wedding.”

Then, she shared photos of her manicure inspiration, and what she received instead.

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The inspiration photo Jen said she brought to the salon shows a delicate design with golden tips in a metallic twist on the French manicure.

But her results were far less elegant, with thick, uneven, and brassy accents that extended down her nails.

Jen shared a picture on TikTok of the inspiration photo she brought to the salon


Jen shared a picture on TikTok of the inspiration photo she brought to the salonCredit: TikTok/@realpohtaetoe
Then, Jen posted this picture of the manicure she received


Then, Jen posted this picture of the manicure she receivedCredit: TikTok/@realpohtaetoe

Commenters were aghast – but many blamed Jen for what happened.

“WHYYYY didn’t you tell them STOP!” a viewer demanded to know.

“NEVERRR leave a salon with something that’s gonna make you cry!” they added.

“Always do a test run. And ask for the same nail tech once you’re happy with what you tested out,” a different bride warned.

Remorseful Jen admitted that she should’ve spoken up sooner.

“I should’ve,” she wrote in response to a comment. “Their Insta showed really good nail art and they had really good reviews so I thought they weren’t going to disappoint,” she added.

Of course, Jen isn’t the first bride to be bitterly disappointed on her big day.

“I got dips for the first time for my wedding and they were hideous,” a different woman consoled her.

“I couldn’t take them off. Had them for the honeymoon too,” she wrote.

“Girl I understand not correcting,” commented another woman who remembered her own bad experiences at a nail salon.

“One time I had a tech rip an actual nail off and then the manager yelled at me for not tipping,” she claimed.

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Though her wedding way was beautiful, the bride said she continues to regret not speaking up about the nightmare manicure.

“This still haunts me,” Jen disclosed.

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