I made £300 on my wedding

WEDDINGS can be seriously expensive, leaving many hugely out of pocket after spending a lifetime of savings on the big day.

But one money-savvy bride actually made money on her wedding.


Staci and Grant actually made money on their wedding day after getting more in gifts than they spent on the big dayCredit: Caters

Yes, you heard that correctly.

Bride Staci Gibson, 31, made £300 profit from her wedding day, after buying a bargain ASOS dress, wearing cheap Primark shoes and styling with accessories from Claire’s.

Staci celebrated her marriage to Grant, 37, on a small budget complete with a registry office ceremony, a white dress and buffet reception.

The couple from the West Midlands celebrated a Covid wedding, meaning that only 30 people could attend, causing a dramatic reduction in the cost of their big day. 

And that’s not all.

Staci made sure she would cut the cost by making some savvy choices.

Instead of spending thousands on an expensive dress from a fancy wedding dress shop, Staci bought her dress from ASOS.

And thanks to a promo code, it only cost her £56.

Staci paired the dress with £10 Primark heels, accessories from Claire’s and a homemade bouquet.

Instead of splashing the cash on bridal hair and makeup, Staci’s friend was able to do this.

And another one of Staci’s friends, a baker, kindly gifted the couple a cake – helping them save hundreds of pounds. 

Staci said: “We saved money on the things we thought were unnecessary like favours and gifts for the bridal party.

“Focus on why you’re getting married and who you want there, not the bits no one remembers anyway.”


Staci’s friend was able to alter her dress for free AND make the bridesmaid dresses – costing Staci just £30 for materials.

Staci said: “Even Grant had a discount on his suit, which we bought from Next and used a family discount rather than hire from a wedding shop.”

The couple were also able to save money on their wedding rings, as Grant used his dad’s wedding ring and Staci exchanged her engagement ring that had broken for a new set including an engagement ring and wedding band.

The couple got married in a local registry office with Staci’s daughters Morgan, 10 and Shelby 8, and the couple’s son Jett. 

Guests then went back to the couple’s home for a reception – with a buffet prepared by Staci and her daughters. 

Staci said: “I did all the food and drink with my daughter’s on the morning of the wedding, before we got ready.

“Our friend is a baker and she made our cake as a wedding gift to us, it was beautiful.

“It only cost £160 to get married at a local registry, it looks like a church and the building was perfect for photos.

“We are glad it was a small wedding with 30 guests, it was perfect for us, not just for the money we saved, but for how we imagined our day would be.

“No part of me really wanted a big fancy wedding, it would have been money wasted so I have no regrets on how we did it, It was perfect for us.”

“I am very money conscious. My dad taught me well in life and said it’s not how much money you have but what you do with it.

“A simple wedding isn’t a bad wedding.”

The one thing that the couple were willing to spend out on was their wedding pictures. 

Staci said: “The photos are our memories of the day and that’s something you can’t put a price on, we wanted to make sure we had the photos to look back on our special day.”

But after their big day, the couple were shocked to realise that they had received more money in gifts than what they actually spent on the wedding.

The couples’ generous family and friends had given them £800, meaning they made a hefty profit of £300 on the day.

Staci said: “I was amazed if I’m honest, I opened cards and gifts and couldn’t believe it.

“So many people start married life in debt with a huge bill for the wedding day and we had actually made money from our wedding day.

“We have amazing family and friends who helped us do things cheaply and who were so generous with their gifts.

“We so are lucky.”

The gorgeous couple had a great day and were thrilled at the generosity of their family and friends


The gorgeous couple had a great day and were thrilled at the generosity of their family and friendsCredit: Caters

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